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Vegán Doboz Review (April Vegan Box)

vegan box review

Last month I reviewed the Hungarian Vegan Box company Vegán Doboz, I was super impressed with their March box and couldn't wait to get my hands on their April box. What I love about Vegán Doboz, their values and their packaging haven't changed since last month, so if you're interested in reading about those three things I recommend my older blog post: Vegán Doboz Review. In this blog post, I will simply review the products that were on offer this month (spoiler alert: this month was even better!)

1. Vegán Doboz Review: What's in the Vegan Box?

vegan box

The thing I like the best about Vegán Doboz is that their products change every month, and I can confirm that there were no repeats from March to April. But it's not just that - they could have stuck with their same type of products (e.g. March saw a jam, a mustard, nuts, dried fruits, a nut bar, a fruit bar and a paté), April had almost entirely different types of products: This is what was in the Vegán Doboz April addition:


naturi review

Naturi are raw crackers. These were Italian'flavoured, and man did they taste like Italy (it's the oregano). Generally, crackers aren't my favourite thing, I find them too dry, but as crackers go these are some of the best. Super flavourful (again, it's the oregano), and what I really liked about them is they are vegan in their own right - nothing lacking here!

Viblance Granola

viblance review

Unfortunately, many granolas aren't vegan (cause of the honey), so it was so nice to be able to have a granola again, and this Viblance Granola was such a tasty granola. Not too dry, and also not too sweet (but sweet enough that my sweet-tooth fiancé liked it). Personally, I think one of the easiest steps when converting to veganism is switching milk from dairy milk to nut milk - serve this granola to a carnist with almond milk or cashew milk or coconut milk and I guarantee they'll love it.


mesterkamra review

Mesterkamra - aka ginger plum jam - turned out to be a delicious jam. I've never really been a fan of jam, but this one is really incredible - slightly sour and with that delicious kick that you get from ginger (or chilli). This is a really special jam.


hidegnyalat review

I was super excited to see a vegan cheese - Hidegnyalat - in this edition of Vegán Doboz.  Cheese was by far the hardest thing for me to give up, and I'm always excited to try new vegan cheeses - because they vary so wildly! Some, like Say Cheez, are incredible, others less so. This one was very liquidy with hints of garlic and basil. It's not my favourite vegan cheese in the world, but it's great on toast and it was so awesome to try out a new vegan cheese.


cocoon review

This month we received a non-edible vegan product - a vegan soap!! This Cocoon charcoal soap smells absolutely divine, like so amazing. I can't wait to try it out.


majomkenyer review

I was initially disappointed by the vacuum plastic packaging inside Majomkenyér, but for once it seemed that the plastic was necessary - the vacuum pack preserved the fresh taste of the chocolates so well, it was literally like eating a chocolate straight out of an artisan shop - incredible! These are some of the nicest, most decadent chocolates we've ever tasted (including pre-vegan)

Upper Bars

upper bars review

Carrying on from that delicious chocolate theme came the Upper Bars. OMG. There was an orange and a coconut and both were insanely incredible. The bars were both thick, chocolatey, with a marvellous texture.  The orange was similar to the British chocolate orange (but like 12 times better) and the coconut was similar to a bounty (but again, much better).


katyvaszok review

Last, and never least, Katyvaszok. OMG. This is one of the best things I've tasted in my entire life! It was an onion jam and it was so flavourful! What I really loved about this (other than the delicious flavour), was the fact that it was so different to everything else I've ever tasted. Which is an ironic thing about veganism - instead of trying fewer foods (as everyone assumes), you actually end up trying more things than ever before, I mean think about how limiting those four meats really are.

2. Wrap Up: Vegán Doboz Review

vegan doboz

If you'd told us last month that there was a tastier vegan box out there, we wouldn't have believed you, we loved the Vegán Doboz March box but the April Vegán Doboz box was even better. Which leaves us very excited to see what happens in the future. To order your own box, head over to Vegan Doboz and make sure to give them a like on Facebook! Also, here is my YouTube review of the April box:

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