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Vegán Doboz! Vegan Box Review

Vegan box review

Vegán Doboz, (English: Vegan Box) is a Hungarian vegan subscription box which has new vegan products every month. It can be ordered just once - as the perfect gift for a vegan friend, or to try out veganism yourself. And/or you can go for a monthly box subscription and receive new vegan surprises every month!

vegan box

They have three different types of vegan boxes: Food, Beauty or a mix of both! I tried out the Food March Vegán Doboz, and I was impressed - it deserves a detailed blog post review!

Hungarian vegan box review

1. Vegán Doboz Review: What's in the Vegan Box?

contents Vegán Doboz

What's in the box? The boxes change each month, so every month you get to try new vegan products, I think this is really exciting and one of my favourite things about the vegan box. This is what was in Vegán Doboz March addition:

Vegán Pack

Vegán Doboz Review

Vegán Pack is actually made by the same people that make Vegán Doboz. I loved the simple, eco-friendly packaging. Inside were piritott dió - walnuts!

Gyömbéres Szelet

vegan box review

Despite its slightly lacklustre packaging + presentation, this fruit and nut bar was really delicious - really thick, dense and nutty and the perfect thing to eat before a big workout.

Apple Pie Protein Bar

vegan snack box

This was the only item in the box that wasn't from Hungary itself. Despite that, and it's not-so-eco-friendly packaging, I LOVED this one! It was incredibly delicious and had the texture of pie (my favourite food).


vegan subscription box review

This Batáta pástétom or 'sweet potato paste' was also insanely delicious - a sweet potato curry-like paste. It really reminded me of baby food texture-wise, which doesn't sound that inspiring, but trust me it would be perfect on pasta, or with green beans, or on rice, or with breadsticks. And so much more. I loved the no-plastic packaging too.


Vegán Doboz Review

I'm not generally a fan of Sárgabaracklekvár - or apricot jam - but this one blew me away, it was slightly sour: perfect for sour lovers like me, but still sweet enough for sour haters like my fiancé Tanbay. Really great jam, and again beautifully packaged.

Csinta szliva tölcsér gyümölcs

Vegán Doboz Review

This one was a plum cone with fruit slices. It was probably my least favourite thing in the box, but it had some good points too: I loved that they made a cone out of plum (though it's unfortunate that it's packaged in plastic). I also loved that, unlike a lot of dry fruit, this didn't taste like a crazy amount of sugar. It tasted super healthy to eat. I didn't like the texture, but that's true for all dry fruit I eat.


Vegán Doboz Review

Last but not least, what I considered to be the star of the vegán doboz - the mustard. I am a massive mustard snob and in the past have only found I like expensive mustards from the UK or France. This Hungarian mustard was AMAZING. I loved it so much. It was slightly sour (which of course I loved) and had this strong taste of rosemary - eating it felt like sitting in the garden on a summer's day: perfection.

2. What I Love About Vegán Doboz

Most of the products are produced locally

This was really cool for someone that loves Hungary like I do (a Magyarphile?) But it's not just about me: more often than not, vegans are environmentally conscious and want products to come from local sellers and to have a small footprint, so it's really great that many of the products in this vegan box are sourced locally.

The packaging of the vegan box

vegan box review

Building on from 'many vegans are environmentally conscious' is the plastic issue. Lots of vegans are anti-plastic, but infuriatingly lots of vegan products come packaged in plastic! The Vegán Doboz itself is completely plastic-free: the outside is made of cardboard with a paper sign, inside there's tissue paper (which looks pretty), and hay - the hay, in particular, is a nice touch, it simultaneously keeps the products safe, but also looks really pretty.

The fact the products change each month

I said it earlier, but I love the fact that the products change around each month, it's exciting to always get to discover new vegan products. It also means you can give it to your vegan friend as an annual gift - think birthday, Christmas, Easter. Actually, ignore annual, do it monthly :P

That they incorporate their own products

I loved the vegán pack - the walnuts that they make themselves, I think it's really cool that they included their own products and I hope to see more of those.

The variety in the box

Some vegan boxes send you just vegan snacks, other send you just things you can cook, Vegán Doboz do a great job of having a nice mix of both. In this month they had a jam, a mustard, nuts, dried fruits, a nut bar, a fruit bar and a pate. Nice mix. And anything that promotes the idea that vegans have lots of varied products is awesome.

vegan box hungary

Where I think Vegán Doboz Can Improve

Personally, I'd opt for only incorporating products with zero plastic, but I appreciate the market for products that are both vegan and Hungarian is already small, if you want to keep on having different products each month on top of that, adding another constraint of plastic-free makes things even harder. (Though they could of course message the vegan Hungarian products that have plastic packaging and ask them to change.) This is a tiny thing though, most of the products didn't have any plastic and I'm super impressed everything was vegan and most things were Hungarian. And of course, the box itself, which they have complete control of, has no plastic which is the main thing.

4. Wrap Up: Vegán Doboz (Vegan Box) Review

As you can hopefully tell by now, I was super impressed with the Vegán Doboz, it exceeded my expectations and I would recommend it to anyone - vegans and non-vegans alike!

Vegán Doboz Review

To order your own box, head on over to their website: it's in Hungarian for now, but the google translate works pretty well, and they will have the English version up and running soon. They are an up-and-coming company (and are doing remarkably well for it), but all new companies need help, so please drop them a Facebook like. Have you ever tried a vegan box? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below. Also: we have made a YouTube review of it, enjoy :)

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