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Recently, ('thanks' to a few accidents abroad) I became interested in travel insurance. Now you might think that having an interest in something this mundane makes me a nerd, because it does, but my being a nerd shouldn't surprise you - after all I did major in mathematics, being in a nerd is my jam. 

How does any of this help you? Well, think of me like the nerd that does your homework for you - let's utilise my lame interest in travel insurance so it can benefit both of us: put simply, I've done the research so you don't have to:

Do Vegans Need Travel Insurance though?

Although there are many advantages to being vegan, like clearer skin, sweeter body odour and better digestion, unfortunately vegans do still need travel insurance.

So, we're aware that vegans need travel insurance too, what other things do vegans need to be aware of when buying travel insurance?

Which countries are you going to?

Where you're going is really important to know (or not know) when you're buying travel insurance. Was that a weird sentence? Allow me to explain: some travel insurance providers want to know exactly where you are going and when and will charge more for certain destinations. 

Certain other travel insurance providers are more flexible and are able to offer you worldwide coverage* - so, if you're the type of person that wants to be able to say yes to the random vegans friends you just met who've just invited you to a random country, you'll need a more flexible travel insurance provider. 

*But note, even the ones that offer worldwide coverage might still not cover you for certain destinations (e.g. North Korea) and they might still charge you extra for special cases (e.g. the USA). 

On that note: You know how there are 44 countries in Europe, but only 28 of them are in the EU and only 26 of those are in Schengen? Different companies/countries/people define different masses of lands in different ways, insurance companies are no different.

For example, yes Spain is in Europe (and the EU and Schengen), but many travel insurance providers will charge you more if you travel to Spain than most other European countries. Which is a shame because Spain is great for vegans

But, if you're on a budget consider opting for Italy or Portugal over Spain. 

And if you want some inspiration as to where to travel to check out my post about the best and worst countries for vegans

What Activities Will You Be Doing There?

It's not just food that vegans have to be cautious of when travelling abroad, many 'bucketlist' activities aren't vegan either, e.g. riding camels in Egypt, watching (or partaking) in bullfighting or running with the bulls, riding camels or elephants or ostriches or... okay let's just make this easier and say riding any animal.. ice fishing (or normal fishing), hunting, going to the zoo, going to an animal circus etc etc.

If your fomo is starting to itch here, I've got good news: there's a chance your travel insurance provider wouldn't be covering these animal abuse activities anyway, because many of them are high risk and higher risk means higher likelihood of injury and them having to pay out. 

So on that note, be cautious in general about what is and isn't covered by your travel insurance provider. Yes, it is mostly obvious (e.g. mostly you have to pay extra for high risk activities like jet skiing). But sometimes it's less obvious (e.g. many travel insurances won't cover cruises). If you're not sure, ask. 

Warning: most travel insurance providers won't compensate you if whatever it was that injured you occurred when you were drunk. I think this is particularly important for vegans to note because (in my experience) we get drunk easier. Why? I'm not sure. Probably because people don't know what to feed us other than salad and we always get left at the end of the table with the wine bottle. Or is that just me? Maybe it's because vegans are purer :P 

Are you taking gadgets with you?

Like most vegans, I am in an undying relationship with hummus, so I travel with a travel hand blender to make sure I can always make my ambrosian dish wherever I am. I travel with other less interested gadgets too: laptops, cameras, phones etc blah. It's a good idea to think about whether you want your travel insurance provider to cover these too (mostly for an extra price); or if you'd rather get those covered by someone else; or if you want to go without insuring them.

My rule of thumb is to see how much it would cost me to replace it, if it's going to be too much and it's a life or death situation of needing it (aka work laptop and hummus maker), I get it insured. Better safe than sorry!

Do you have any underlying medical conditions

Last but not least, do you have any underlying medical conditions that you need to declare to your travel insurance provider? How do you know if you need to declare them or not? Again, it's better to be safe than sorry, and here it's better to overshare than under share. So, if you're not sure just ask. Unfortunately, if you don't tell them, even it was by accident because you forgot or you didn't realise it was relevant - it can still be used as grounds to not compensate you. 

All in all, like many things in vegan life, travel insurance can be summarised like this: better safe than sorry. Not sure if something has milk in it? Better be safe and not eat it. Not sure if you need add ons for your insurance? Better safe than sorry, ask. Think about where you're going and what you're taking with you and please don't forget your travel insurance. 

I hope this has been helpful to you! Let me know if you have any questions. 

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