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VEGAN CAMPING FOR THE FIRST TIME? Here's what you need to know


If you've been vegan for a while you might have noticed a trend - when you first do something vegan (e.g. go to a non-vegan restaurant, go to a supermarket, or even go to a friend's house it's a pain in the butt), but you learn how to do it (ask them if their chef can be an actual chef and make you something decent and failing that opt for fries and salad; avoid the meat and dairy isles like the plagues that they are; take your own foods slash find friends that are actually ethical). And once you've learnt how to do it it becomes easy af. But still, in the beginning you need a bit of help, and that's where I come in. When it comes to camping, the story is not different - at first you might be a bit overwhelmed and like 'where do I even start when it comes to thinking about things?!' but hopefully this blog post will help you out?

What you need to know when camping as a vegan for the first time

#1 Equipment 

First things first you need to think about your equipment - from tents to sleeping bags you'd be surprised how many skins of animals are sneaked in by companies using words like 'quality' and 'finesse'. If you're brand new to camping in general, your job is easy - just look for anything without leather, silk, suede or wool. If you already have your camping gear from your pre-vegan times, things get a little trickier: Now, I'm one of those vegans that's like "bro, you already have it, you already paid those awful companies, I think the best thing to do is continue using it until it lives out its natural life - that's the least you can do for the animal it came from that couldn't.. and you can go a step further by using it as propaganda 'oh you like this tent do you? Do you know where it came from?" But other vegans, understandably, don't go on using the stuff once they know where it comes from - I've even got one mate who goes as far as burying it all. All respect to them, I just personally think that humans are animals too, a lot of products are made by wage, if not slave, labour, and you might as well just use it out. It's up to you. 

#2 Food

So you know what to eat for a vegan at lunch, at a friends, at work - but camping adds another level. Like, I found it hard to know what to take camping even pre-vegan. Like, what's light but nutritious at the same time? And now, also, vegan?! Oats. Oats are great, really light to carry, full of energy, and if you cook them with water, salt, and fruit they are delicious. What else is good to take as a vegan camping? Noodles - even lighter than oats just double check the packet for vegan ingredients. I love celery whilst camping - it's also light, and it's really fresh. Nowadays, you can of course find vegan marshmallows and all kind of vegan snacks, but I'm not the person to ask about that because I try to steer away from junk food whenever possible. 

#3 Who to go with 

This is an icky point, but I really recommend camping with fellow vegans. It's one (annoying) thing to go to a restaurant with a friend who orders something you can't share, it's another thing to do it whilst camping - like share the load together already. Even if you can't find an all vegan group, make sure you're not the only vegan in the group - unless you're non-vegan friends are the kind of friends who can be vegan for the weekend. Trust me on this. 

#4 Where to go 

Last but not least, it might be weird to think that there are actually places out there that aren't really vegan to visit - but a) they are and b) they're often dressed up as vegan places! E.g. a place that feels like a nature reserve ("omg you're vegan, you love animals") but is actually just a place that traps animals to trap tourists - double check any place that claims to be animal friendly, unfortunately, more often than not, they are not :(


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