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FAIR For All Its Rights Review: Lime Flower Slippers

FAIR (For All Its Rights) Review - are they really fair? Vegans Vs Travel meet FAIR: 

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FAIR are an all-vegan, Portuguese shoe brand. In this review we will take a look at how ethical they are, what their Lime Flower Slippers are like and whether they are suitable for travel. 

2. Are FAIR (For All Its Rights) Shoes Really Ethical?

  • Vegan: All 'FAIR collections are completely animal-free' (source) which means they don't use leather, fur, wool or any other animal-derived products to make their shoes.
  • PETA-Approved Vegan: PETA has a list of fashion companies which sell certified vegan products. Unfortunately, considering how many fashion companies are out there, this list is not very long. However, FAIR is included on this list.
  • Fair working conditions: All FAIR collections are produced in Portugal under worker-friendly conditions.
  • Environmental: FAIR seeks to use the most sustainable materials - for example these Lime Flower Slippers have an ecological microfibre made with a CO2-free manufacturing system.

2. Review of FAIR's Lime Flower Slippers

Lime Flower Slippers are smart day shoes or dolly shoes. They are made from sustainable materials:

  • Outer: Textile and upper quality Italian microfibre. Does not contain harmful products; PVC free.
  • Lining: 100% breathable and anti-allergy microfibre. Ecological microfibre made at CO2 free manufacturing system. Does not contain harmful products (Oeko-Tex Certified).
  • Outsole: Neolite.

According to Greenpeace, PVC is the single most environmentally damaging type of plastic, so it's great to see the Lime Flower Slippers are PVC free. Additionally, it's awesome to see that the shoes are made at a CO2 free manufacturing system. A study at MIT revealed that the bulk of shoes' carbon footprint (pun intended) came from the manufacturing process - not the shipping. Finally, Oeko-Tex certified means that it has been tested for harmful substances.

As to what the shoes feel like, the insole is soft, with a texture not dissimilar to a Tempur mattress - soft but firm. The sole is hard and appears to be long-lasting. The heel is slight enough to not cause discomfort, but high enough to make a satisfying noise on wooden floors.

The only small complaint would be the give of the Quarter (the rear and sides of the upper part of the shoe). To make sure that the shoe can stand alone, this part is quite rigid, which means that it can have a tendency to rub the heel/ankle. However, due to the style of these shoes, these aren't suitable for long hikes/ being on your feet all day anyway, so when worn appropriately, rubbing shouldn't be a question.

3. Are the Lime Flower Slippers Suitable for Travel?

Whilst they're not suitable for hiking, biking, adventure activities or anything 'rough', they are perfect for fine dining, city trips or formal events. They are the perfect smart/casual shoe. In terms of climate, Lime Flower Slippers won't do well in extreme temperatures - too cold or too hot. When it comes to packing, these are lightweight and a nice addition.

4. Wrap Up: FAIR (For All Its Rights) Slippers Review

FAIR For All Its Rights shoes really do what they say on the tin - they are FAIR - for animals, the environment and humans alike. Vegan Vs Travel gives their Lime Flower Slippers a 4/5 as a general shoe (style, comfort etc), 3/5 as a travel shoe and a 5/5 as a vegan shoe. What's your favourite travel vegan shoe? [Read more: review of Gunas vegan bags] Also, here's a video review we made to go along with this blogpost - enjoy! :)

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