Hello and thank you for your interest in VeganVsTravel. My name is Moon and I founded VeganVsTravel in 2016 for three reasons:
  1. to make sure I committed to veganism (my integrity is important to me and I knew if I was struggling to maintain my veganism and the thoughts of animals struggling wasn't enough to stop me putting cheese in my mouth, the thought of being a hypocritical blogger would stop me, like I could hardly own a vegan blog if I wasn't vegan. (It turns out that thinking about the animals was always more of an incentive than being a good blogger, but the initial idea was cute, imo)
  2. to help people travel vegan. I travel a lot, and have been travelling since I was 21. I find a lot of joy in travelling and I figured I would be finding vegan tips and treats anyway, so I might as well spread the joy. Further, I hoped that if I could show that we are able to travel vegan, then people would see that it's for sure possible for them to do it at home - after all, most things are easier to do in your home, where you know what's going on (for the most part).
  3. activism yo. I'm not a great public speaker or someone that's able to get my point across well irl. I love to do verbotten activism but am also scared of jail. I want to adopt animals, and will when I'm allowed to live in a country for longer than three months. For now though, I feel like spreading the word on how you can be vegan at home or abroad, is hopefully helping.

Who is Vegan Vs Travel for?

Anyone and everyone: if you're curious about vegan recipes, if you're wondering how to travel vegan in a specific country, if you're wondering how to be vegan in the country you live in, if you have vegan questions, if you're looking for vegan answers and, of course, anyone and everyone in between:

this blog is for you.


What can YOU cook vegan at home, no matter where your home is in the world. 


Possibly about eating out abroad as a vegan; 
Possibly about eating out vegans - (investigating questions like "do vegans taste better"?) lol jokes.
  • Vegan Travel in Europe
  • Vegan Travel in Asia
  • Vegan Travel in Africa
  • Vegan Travel in Australasia 
  • Vegan Travel in North America 
  • Vegan Travel in South America (coming soon)

Written mostly by Moon - a Mathematician, Martial Artist and Co-owner of TravellingWeasels


THIS is where we actually investigate if vegans taste better <3 as well as questions like:
  • Vegan film critiques
  • Is it vegan to wear leather?
Also written by Moon


Health, wealth and happiness:
  • Nutrients vegans need and how to take them organically (coming soon)
  • Where to get vegan protein from 
  • Vegan meal plan for weight loss (coming soon)
  • Can vegans eat bread - and 7 other foods I didn't know where vegan or not

Written by Tamás - Teacher, Drummer, Runner, Team Building, Gardening Cook and Friend to all. Co-owner of VeganVsTravel.

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