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7 Easy, Healthy, Vegan Meals You Can Make in Thailand

Looking for easy, healthy, cheap, vegan meals that you can make for yourself in Thailand? Well you've come to the right place!

Thai cuisine is famous world-wide and with it's varied flavours and textures travelling to Thailand is a dream for the taste-buds. 

It's relatively easy to travel to Thailand as a vegan, although there is often a language barrier, once you've got your message across Thais are often very helpful and will often charge you less and even add in tofu to your meal. Just make sure to double check fish sauce hasn't been used though. 

In fact the bigger problem for vegans is eating healthily in Thailand - with cheap restaurants and cheaper street food it's easy to eat out all the time, but with lots of frying, sugar and mono-sodium glutamate, Thai food isn't the healthiest cuisine on the block.  

But don't worry, we've got you sorted with this list of easy and healthy vegan meals you can make yourself in Thailand. 

1. Thai Curry

No matter if you like it spicy or mild, it's quick and easy to make a vegan Thai curry. Pick up a spice pack in one of the super-markets or even fruit and veg markets (double check the label, they like to sneak shrimp paste in everywhere). Then add your favourite vegetables - cauliflower, squash and leafy greens work really well. Add as much coconut milk as you like, plenty of lime and you've got yourself a killer Thai curry!

[Find out more: step by step guide to making a Vegan Green Thai Curry]

2. Green Papaya Salad - Som Tam 
This salad is a combination of sweet and sour and absolutely perfect on a hot Thai day when you don't feel like cooking. Mangos and papayas can be found in pretty much every Thai market and are cheap!

3. Fried Rice - Khao Pad
Leave out egg and use plenty of soy sauce and fresh herbs for this quick and easy Thai vegan dish. 
4. Phat Si-Io - Soy Sauce Noodles 
Combine large flat noodles, soy sauce, tofu and green beans (or similar), baby corn and stir-fry on high heat for a short time.

5.  Vegan Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup traditionally has prawns and shrimp paste, replace these with mushrooms and tofu. Ready-made Tom Yum pastes generally have shrimp paste in them, but there's usually one brand or two that doesn't have it. 

Check my recipe for vegan Tom Yum Soup

6. Cashew tofu stir fry
Another quick dish that's full of protein - add plenty of veg to get those much needed vitamins.

7. Mango Sticky Rice 
A favourite to all - vegans and non-vegans alike. Mango sticky rice is exactly what it says on the tin: mangos and rice. Filling and sweet. 
Hot tips:

For authenticity, make sure you check out the markets in Thailand for cheap, local veg. Go just before closing (between 5pm and 8pm depending on where you are), and nab super cheap discounts. 

If you're staying in Thailand for a month, invest in a large bag of rice - the most cost effective way to eat in Thailand. 

711 does two Thai meals: they're called 'vegan protein' and are green. They're very cheap and the 711 staff will heat them up for you - perfect if you want something quick, cheap and hot. 

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