Thursday 13 December 2018

Vegan Guide to Vienna

vegan vienna

Vienna, Austria: famous for it's schnitzel and sausage, is it a nightmare for vegans? Like most capital cities in Europe nowadays, Vienna is a vegan walk in the part, complete with vegan restaurants, vegan supermarkets and yes even vegan schnitzel and sausage:

1. Vegan Restaurants, Vienna

Simply Raw Bakery and Bistro

vegan restaurants vienna

If you're looking for raw vegan food in Vienna, look no further than Simply Raw Bakery and Bistro. As one of the highest rated vegan restaurants in Vienna, you can't go wrong!

Veggiezz Am Salzgriess

vegan restaurants vienna

Another of the most highly rated vegan restaurants Vienna is Veggiezz am Salzgriess. From burgers to hot dogs, pancakes to gyros bowls they have it all - and more!

Anker Brot

vegan bakery vienna

If you love pastries and bread (and let's face it, who doesn't) then you simply have to go to Vienna to visit Anker Brot - an all vegan bakery!

Vegan Schnitzel

You simply can't visit Vienna without trying the schnitzel. But as a schnitzel is defined as a thin slice of meat covered in breadcrumbs, can you have that as a vegan in Vienna? Of course you can! With restaurants like Landia, Swing Kitchen, Das Augustin and many more offering vegan schnitzel.

Vegan sausage Vienna: Leo's Würstlestand

Vegan sausage is similar - it's a must in Vienna and it's totally possible to find vegan versions: Leo's Würstlestand seems to stand out as the best option.

Vegan Supermarket, Vienna: MaranVEGAN

For those that don't speak German, one of the easiest ways to make sure the food you're buying is vegan (other than buying pure ingredients) is to shop at an all vegan supermarket. Luckily these are a real thing in Vienna (welcome to the future). MaranVEGAN was the first full vegan supermarket in Vienna and has everything you could possibly need (and more).

2. Non-Vegan Activities in Vienna

It would be better to call this section "what not to do in Vienna", which includes:

Vienna Zoo

Vienna zoo is very popular among tourists, I could write a giant section about how zoos aren't vegan, or you could save me some time and google it for yourself :P (long story short, any exploitation of animals is not vegan, don't support zoos)!

Carriage Ride in Vienna

vegan vienna

On a similar note, horse carriage rides are popular in Vienna, whilst it's not as bad as say horse riding in Jordan or Morocco, it's still definitely not vegan, leave those poor horses alone.

3. Where to Stay in Vienna

vegan vienna

As with any place around the world I highly recommend that you find an apartment for rent Vienna, why? Because as a travelling vegan, the easiest way to travel is with your own kitchen: how do you guarantee a dish is vegan? By cooking it for yourself from scratch! Which brings me onto my next point:

Wrap Up: Vegan guide to Vienna

One of the best things about Vienna is how easy it is to visit other places from it. These include:

So there you have it, a quick vegan guide to Vienna covering the essentials - where to eat, where to stay, what not to do. I hope it's been useful, let me know if you have any questions! I have not made a video about being vegan in Vienna yet, so here is one not made by me instead:

Photo credit for all photos in this article: Pixabay and Happycow.

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