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Vegan in Cancun: A Plant-Based Paradise in Mexico

cancun vegan restaurants

Cancun is located in the Mexican Caribbean. It's a central city with beautiful beaches and a tropical climate almost all year round. This tourist destination has understandably become one of the most famous attractions in the world because of its beaches and easy flight routes to both the USA and Europe. Being so touristy gives it lots of pros and cons, with the main pro for us vegans being this: there are plenty of vegan restaurants. This combined with the breath-taking beaches makes it an absolute vegan paradise. In this blog post, we're going to look at some vegan food options that you can find all over Cancun (aka accidentally vegan foods). We'll also look at some of the best vegan restaurants in Cancun and to finish it off we're going to look at the best beaches in Cancun. I hope you find it useful :)

Vegan Food Cancun: Gorgeous Guacamole And More!

As a nation that's famous for it's rice and beans - both of which are accidentally vegan - and because of the tropical climate, it's really easy to be not just vegan in Cancun, but also eat delicious and healthy foods! Here are a few ideas:

  • burritos and tacos;
  • salsas;
  • fajitas;
  • guacamole;
  • enchiladas;
  • taquitos;
  • lentejas, which is a fully plant-based soup!

best vegan restaurants cancun

And of course, lots and lots of local fruit: pitahaya (dragon fruit), guanabana (soursop), rambutan, limes, mangoes, zapotes, and so on :)

Vegan Cancun: the Best Restaurants

There are six fully vegan restaurants in Cancun which mostly offer Mexican or USAmerican foods, although one place does do pizza:

  • BaoVegan: the best option for traditional Mexican bakery goods and excellent coffee. They also serve pastas, burgers, pizzas and salads!
  • Gopals - Vegetarianos: this is the place if you'd like to try vegan tacos. Burgers are also on the menu!
  • Herbivoro: my personal favourite option for vegan enchiladas and tacos;
  • Antojito Con Amor: lots of vegan Mexican snacks including tacos and tortas!
  • Caribe Vegano: opened in 2015 making it one of the oldest vegan restaurants in Cancun. The cakes are delicious!
  • Vegan Style: last but not least, Vegan Style, which offer the best pizzas in Cancun and indeed the best Italian food. It might be a bit weird to travel to Mexico to eat Italian food, but depending on how long you've been there you might be in the mood for something different :)

Beaches In Cancun: Blue Ocean And Sunshine

We want to give you the three best beaches that allow you to snorkel and three others that have the best waves:

best vegan restaurants in cancun mexico

The beaches of Cancun are what has stood out the most in this prestigious destination because its sea has a diversity of blue colour and white sand so soft that it has become the favourite of visitors to access any of these majestic beaches, you must take the Boulevard Kukulcan Avenue in the Hotel Zone which covers about 22 kilometres of beach, some are private, but many others are public.

  • Playa Langosta, one of the first beaches you will find in the first 5 kilometres of the Hotel Zone Boulevard, is Playa Langosta. You can snorkel at this beach because of the calmness of the sea!
  • Playa Tortugas is one of the beaches where you will enjoy swimming because its waves are moderate. Therefore, it is essential to locate kilometre 6 to get there. 
  • Playa Caracol is one of the beaches located at kilometre 9 of Kukulcan Boulevard. An ideal beach for children.
  • Playa Chacmool, the sea of this incredible beach, is considered with a moderate swell because there will be days when the wave is unruly but moderate. Playa Chacmool is at kilomere 10 of the Hotel Zone.
  • Playa Marlín, this beach is located at kilometre 13, and here you will enjoy and see high waves.
  • Playa Delfines: the best way to enjoy this amazing beach is to enjoy it from its viewpoint because its waves are intense. We recommend you to be on the seashore if you can't resist swimming in its incredible turquoise blue water.

Wrap Up: Cancun, a Vegan Mexican Caribbean paradise

Cancun is an excellent option to enjoy your vacation. Many travellers book an all-inclusive hotel before their trip; at the airport, they take a service at the Cancun airport transportation that takes them to their hotel. Other tourists decide to tour the Riviera Maya. Our advice is to hire a Cancun transportation service to make your transfer the safest and most reliable.

What about you, what are your favourite vegan restaurants in Cancun? If you have any tips & advice, feel free to share with us below :)

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