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Things That Vegans Surprisingly CAN Eat

Alongside the usual "do you get enough protein", "what can vegans eat", "do you miss bacon" questions, people often ask if I can eat certain things. To me, what vegans can eat is pretty simple: anything that doesn't come from an animal. But some people aren't so sure, here are the weirdest things people have asked if I can eat:

1. Bread

One of the first countries I travelled to as a vegan was Italy, and this is where the first weird "can vegans eat.." question was put to me: 

"Can vegans eat bread?"

Whilst it is true that vegans can't eat certain kinds of bread (any of the ones that have milk or egg in them like naan bread), that wasn't the reasoning behind my questioner's question. 

The reason they thought vegans couldn't eat bread was... because of the yeast!! In a way it's logical, yeast is kind of alive right? But just like mushrooms, yeast comes from the fungi family, they aren't derived from animals and vegans can eat yeast (phew)!

2. Mushrooms

On that note, and for the same reasons, yes vegans can eat mushrooms. Whilst in Budapest a hotel manager asked me this very question, and when I said I could he concluded that I wasn't a very hardcore vegan. Haha. 

3. Cooked food

Back in Italy, an Englishman once asked me if being vegan meant you couldn't eat cooked food. I'm asked this one quite often and again this one is kind of logical: there are lots of raw vegans who (you guessed it) only eat raw, vegan food. However, as a normal vegan you can eat cooked food. 

The funniest thing about this guy, though and what makes him memorable, was he thought vegans could eat ANYTHING, as long as it was raw - aka they could eat raw meat. Lol.

4. Coffee

This is probably the one I get asked most often - can vegans drink coffee? I'm not sure why people think coffee is non-vegan: perhaps because coffee consumption is bad for the environment, perhaps because people associate a vegan lifestyle with restrictiveness and no fun (and hence no coffee), or perhaps because lots of people take milk in their coffee. 

At any rate, black coffee/Americanos/Espressos? All vegan. And lattes/flat whites etc can all become vegan with non-dairy milks like almond milk (yum), soy milk or coconut milk (is that weird)?

I am actually trying to give up coffee, but only because it makes me too hyper when I drink it and grumpy when I don't #addicted 

5. Alcohol

Can vegans drink alcohol? Actually, there are lots of wines and beers that vegans can't drink: lots of wines use egg shell to filter, and lots of beers line their pipes with fish (why)? 

However, I think most people who are asking if vegans drink alcohol, are coming from a place of "vegans are restrictive, ergo no alcohol" rather than thinking about pipes and egg shells. 

Luckily, there are still plenty of wines and beers vegans can drink and as far as I'm aware almost all spirits are vegan (well apart from those ones with scorpions or worms in, but you know). 

6. Starbucks

When we were in Dubai our friend asked if we could drink Starbucks. Not because he didn't think we could drink coffee (he'd already asked us about that a few hours before), but because Starbucks aren't ethical. 

You don't have to be ethical to be a vegan (though in my opinion you do have to be a vegan to be ethical). So vegans can go to Starbucks. 

Personally, I don't but only cause shitty coffee isn't my thing. 

Vegans can also go to McDonalds, KFC and Burger King, but I personally don't and this time it actually is for vegan reasons: these 'restaurants' are anti every reason that I am vegan: McDonalds treat animals and the environment appallingly, plus it's bad for your health. Okay rant over lol.

Does it have a face? No. Did it come from something with a face? No. Then you're good feed it to your vegan friend. 

Initially being vegan is a lot harder than being vegetarian, there are so many foods you don't that contain eggs or dairy that you don't even realise. Like wine. But after a few months you will adjust and it will be second nature. 

As for the crazy questions, keep them coming, I love the interesting way people think.

What about you? What's the strangest thing someone has asked you if you can eat as a vegan? 

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