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Vegan Spain Guide: Accidentally Vegan Traditional Spanish Dishes and More!

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Vegan Spain! I went to Spain a lot as a non-vegan, and was worried when I went back as a vegan. I needn't have been, vegan Spain is thriving. But, when I went back I only went to Madrid, so I roped in new writer Anna from to help and this is what she had to say:

Travelling as a vegan in Spain is not as difficult as it may first seem. Whilst the idea of Spanish food conjures up many images of meat and seafood meals, an incredible amount of vegan food can be found during your trip to Spain. Spain has some fantastic vegan tapas and many restaurants in Spain have an abundance of vegan options. Furthermore, 100% vegan restaurants are popping up around the Spanish peninsular. This is the ultimate Spain vegan guide to help you have the perfect vegan trip to Spain! From accidentally vegan dishes in Spain to vegan accommodation options, this is everything you need to know about vegan Spain and then some. Don't forget to consider car hire in Spain from for added convenience and the freedom to explore this beautiful country and enjoy vegan meals at your own pace.

1. Accidentally Vegan Food in Spain

Tasty accidentally-vegan breakfast options in Spain

Vegans will find plenty of vegan-friendly breakfast options in Spain. Three yummy options which can be found at most Spanish cafes are pan con tomate, churros and tostada con mermelada! Pan Con tomate is bread coated with pureed tomato, olive oil and a pinch of salt. Tostada con mermela is essentially bread with jam, just ask for it without butter. Finally, sweet-tooths will love churros! If you have been living in a hole all your life, churros are indulgent fried sticks of dough sprinkled with sugar. Just ask for the churros without chocolate when you order as churros and chocolate in Spain means churros with a cup of hot drinking chocolate. Choose a cafe near the sites you would like to see and you should find one of these accidentally-vegan breakfast options!

best vegan spanish food

Yummy accidentally vegan light bite options in Spain

There are a few yummy accidentally-vegan light bites vegans can enjoy. Spain has a selection of yummy salads and soups which are very vegan-friendly. Soups which are vegan or can be made vegan are gazpacho, salmorejo, crema de verduras, ajo blanco and sopa de tomate. These are all cold soups (apart from the sopa de tomate which is a hot soup) made from blended vegetables. These Spanish soups may however be sometimes topped with ham or egg. Vegans simply need to request that these dishes come without these animal products upon ordering.

Delicious accidentally-vegan main meals in Spain

spain vegan tapas

You need a big delicious vegan meal to fuel your Spanish siteseeing? Luckily for you, Spain has quite a few accidentally-vegan main meals to enjoy! When most of us think of Spanish cuisine, lots of us conjure up images of Paella! Whilst traditionally paella contains sea food and/or meat, most restaurants serve up a vegetable version of this dish which is accidentally vegan! Apart from paella you can also enjoy Salmorejo which is like a thick version of Gazpacho served with bread. There is also a Catalonian version of pizza known as Coca which can be made vegan. There are also plenty of vegetable dishes such as pisto which is like ratatouille and arrillada de verduras a dish of grilled mixed vegetables. Vegans will not go hungry during their vegan trip in Spain!

Vegan Tapas in Spain

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You cannot go to Spain without trying tapas! Luckily for vegans, there are plenty of vegan tapas on offer! Tapas is an appetizer or snack in Spanish cuisine which literally means ‘small portion’. These Tapas may be cold or hot. Here is a list of a few vegan-friendly tapas and vegan tapas to try during your trip to Spain.

  • Patatas Bravas: fried potatoes in tomato sauce,
  • Aceitunas: olives,
  • Champinones al Ajillo: mushrooms,
  • Croquetas de setas: mushroom croquets,
  • Espinacas con Pasas: spinach with raisins,
  • Alcachofas salteadas: artichokes,
  • Zanahorias Aliñadas: carrots.

Accidentally-vegan dessert options in Spain

best vegan authentic spanish food

Vegans can choose from a couple of accidentally-vegan dessert options in Spain. Sorbet and Macedonia de Frutas are available at most Spanish restaurants. Macedonia de Frutas is a fruit salad, sometimes served in liquor and sorbet can be enjoyed in plenty of flavours.

2. The Best Vegan & Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Spain

Spain has many fantastic 100% vegan cafes and vegan-friendly restaurants for travellers to try! As Spain has many accidentally vegan options, this makes eating out in Spain less stressful for vegans! Vegan options in Andalusia are particularly abundant. There is a wide selection of vegan ice creams, vegan cakes and vegan restaurants as well as omnivorous restaurants with plenty of tasty vegan-options in Andalucía. 

100% vegan restaurants in Spain:

  • Veganitessen: Veganitessen is a wonderful 100% vegan restaurant in Seville. There serve up some wonderful traditional Spanish dishes, vegan style! Try the vegan tortilla, vegan pastries and some of their tapas. They also have a set menu making this a great budget option for vegans.
  • MIMO Vegan Bistro: MIMO Vegan Bistro is a fairly new 100% vegan restaurant in Malaga. All of their dishes are seasonal and they use local produce. The intimate setting of the bistro and freshness of the food makes this a great option for a vegan date night.

Vegan-friendly restaurants in Spain

  • La Tortuga: Despite Cordoba being one of Spain’s most important cities there is only one 100% vegan venue. Yet one omnivourous restaurant that is very vegan-friendly is La Tortuga. There is a fully vegan menu which serves mind-blowing vegan food. Their vegan wrap had one of the nicest sauces and the vegan chocolate cake was incredibly indulgent. When you are exploring the UNESCO sites of Cordoba, stop off at La Tortuga for some great vegan food!
  • Cocome: Cocome in Seville serves up wonderfully fresh dishes and some insane vegan cakes. There are a few vegan cakes to choose from and they are beautifully presented! The vegan cakes at Cocome are some of the best vegan cakes in Andalucia. Long gone are the days vegans had to survive on salad.
  • Puro & Bio: Vegan ice cream in Spain is not too hard to come by. Whilst sorbet is available at most ice cream parlours, a few places serve creamy dairy-free ice cream! Puro & Bio in Seville has 6 different vegan ice creams for vegans to enjoy!
  • El Calafeta: Lunchtime in Spain means many restaurants have good value set menus. One restaurant in Malaga which has a vegan set menu is El Calafeta. Whilst the food is not mind-blowing, the portions are large and the food is cheap meaning this is a good option for vegan budget travellers.
  • Recyclo Bike Café: If you miss the flavour of chorizo you can enjoy a cruelty-free vegan version of the dish at Recyclo Bike Café in Malaga. Mock meats can be hit and miss, but the vegan chorizo at the Recyclo bike café is seriously good! They also have a good vegan cake which the waiter said is better than the ‘normal’ cakes. 

3. Vegan Hotels

For vegans looking to pamper themselves at 100% vegan accommodation there are a few options across the Spainish peninsular. From relaxing yoga retreats and dog-friendly options to intimate vegan B&Bs and luxury 4-star vegan hotels, there are vegan accommodations in Spain for all your holiday needs! Here are 5 of the best vegan accommodation options in Spain:


Vegan nature lovers will love staying at Villa Vegana. This 100% vegan hotel is situated within a designated conservation area on the island of Mallorca. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful Tramuntana mountains which are perfect for hiking lovers! There is a swimming pool and also yoga classes for those vegans who fancy a more relaxing holiday. The owners can speak English, German and Spanish. There are 8 rooms at Villa Vegana and prices start from 120 EUR a night.


Vegan Life Energy caters to all food needs of vegans. Whether you are a raw vegan, gluten free vegan or suffer from a particular allergy Vegan Life Energy can cater for you. This vegan hotel is located in the picturesque Costa del Blanco in Denia. Vegan guests can choose from a choice of two double bedrooms or 3 self-contained apartments just a stone’s throw from the beach. Vegan Life Energy offers an array of different activities ranging from yoga, cooking, sports, mindfulness and even counselling. Dogs are also welcome to stay as the owners have two dogs called Happy and Monkey who welcome guests personally!


For vegans who love staying at vegan B&Bs, a stay at the vegan B&B of Meson Mudejar Vegan is the perfect accommodation choice! Meson Mudejar Vegan is located in the white washed village of Archez in the province of Malaga. This 18th century building offers vegan guests 5 different styled rooms. Given its proximity to the mountains, this vegan B&B is a great base for hiking and cycling. The beach is just 16km away for those leg recovery days. Meson Mudejar Vegan also runs a 100% plant-based restaurant using as much local produce as possible.


For vegans looking for a little bit of luxury, consider staying at this 4-star vegan hotel. Casa Albets is a farm house which consists of 7 spacious rooms with an onsite vegan restaurant. Casa Alberts is an ecological and vegan hotel dedicated to the environment and the comfort of their guests. Located in a Cataluna in Lladurs, this vegan hotel aims to be as zero-waste friendly as possible. All the materials used for the building and its furniture were sourced sustainably and made locally. The water is heated using a biomass boiler and waste water is cleaned then reused for plants. The vegan restaurant is run by Toni Rodríguez, who is internationally renowned inside the world of vegan cuisine. In the restaurant, guests will local ingredients in dishes which unify tradition with innovation. There are gluten-free options as well-meaning all can enjoy these seasonal meals. The utmost care has been taken to ensure all products are vegan and sustainable. Pets are also allowed at Casa Albets. For vegans looking for a luxury zero-waste vegan get away, a stay at Casa Albets could be perfect for you!


A Crisalida Retreat is a 100% vegan retreat in Alicante. This retreat aims to rejuvenate guests through relaxation. This specially designed programme aims to give your mind, body and spirit a well-deserved rest. Guests can practise yoga on the roof terrace overlooking the mountains or relax with a book next to one of the outdoor pools. There are also juice detoxes and mindfulness workshops available. Lunch is a 100% vegan buffet and fresh fruit is always readily available. The all-inclusive retreat means that the price includes everything including the juices and airport transfers. There is no start date meaning you can start your retreat whenever works for you. Vegans looking for a truly relaxing holiday will love staying at La Crisalida.

4. Wrap Up: Would You Like to Go to Spain as a Vegan?

I hope this vegan guide to Spain has inspired you to pack your bags and head to this sunny European country. Spain has plenty of accidentally-vegan options for you to try and even a 4-star vegan hotel to stay in - also, if you're travelling to Spain group tours might be a good idea, too! Let us know in the comments below if you would like to go to Spain as a vegan - and, of course, here's a video about being vegan in Madrid to go with the post:

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