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A Vegan Food Guide to Boracay, Philippines

Ostensibly, being vegan in Boracay looks like it's going to be impossible, with most restaurants and hotels boasting all you can eat seafood and grill buffets, or simply displaying their lechon baboy (a whole roast pig) outside.

But luckily, when it comes to vegan vs Boracay, vegan won - and you can too with these insider tips:

Best Beach Bar For Vegans in Boracay

If you're looking for the best beach bar in Boracay, look no further than Wahine. This place is where the real locals go, and with cool decor and awesome music it's super cool.

As for the food, whilst they're not exclusively vegan, they can do the most awesome vegan spread!

To start we had home-made hummus, dipping bread and dipping vegetables - a favourite for most vegans:

The hummus was tasty and although we quickly ran out of bread, more was brought along even quicker (the staff are really diligent and brought it out before we even asked :) - good service!

For our main we had an incredible green curry with tofu, on the side rice was wrapped in a banana leaf. I think this was my favourite part of the evening, I've had many green curries in Thailand - this one was better. 

We also had a delicious mango and pomelo [like a gigantic grapefruit but not sour] salad - it was so fresh and tasted so healthy!

Best Vegan Filipino Food in Boracay

I, and I hope you'll agree with me, think it's SO important to try local cuisines and visit authentic restaurants when you travel. 

There is a severe shortage of Filipino restaurants in Boracay: perhaps it's because Filipino cuisine isn't that well loved around the world (or more accurately, well known - if you knew it you'd love it); perhaps it's because a lot of the foreign tourists that come to Boracay aren't interested in Filipino cuisine (boo); or perhaps it's because a lot of visitors to Boracay are actually Filipino themselves, and not that interested in eating their home cuisine on holiday and want to try something foreign?

Whatever the reason, Subo is the ONLY Filipino restaurant in Boracay 😱 so even if you go there and eat meat you've got to go there. Jokes don't eat meat.. Subo put on a vegan Filipino spread and it was incredible!

Now I went to the Philippines before I was vegan (boo), and I can confirm that the vegan Filipino food at Subo is even better than the 'traditional' Filipino dishes with meat. 

Especially adobo - traditionally made with pork and chicken, Subo made it for us with tofu:

That was my favourite dish of the night, oh no wait this was:

Filipino spring rolls! 

Other delicious dishes included this traditional Filipino salad which was brought to the table unmixed and then mixed in front of us: 

Very cool

This delicious aubergine dish:

And of course another beautiful Filipino salad. 

And to end we had nice cream: 

And it didn't just stop there, the staff were super lovely and at the end of the night they performed a Filipino candle dance! 

It was also really cooly decorated - even the bathroom had these cool pumps to wash your hands with.

Best Vegan Burger in Boracay

My god we searched high and low for this place, but it was worth it: Supermagic does do the best vegan burger in Boracay, but like I said it's hard to find:

So on their website and on Tripadvisor it says they're on the beach. They're not. They used to be but they moved to bigger premises - off the beach and very close to Subo. 

Burgers come with chips (in a mug lol) and the staff are nice. 

Other less interesting places to eat in Boracay include subway and of course the good old 7-11. 

Where To Stay in Boracay 

My number one tip for travelling as a vegan is to  stay as often as possible somewhere with a kitchen: that way you can cook for yourself! It sounds dumb but it's so nice to have at least one meal a day - or even just one meal a stay - where you know what you're getting. 

Thus I recommend staying at Boracay Amor Apartments, because this place comes with a fully equipped kitchen!

Not to mention an exceptional view which you can wake up to:

They are designed for long term stays, but you can stay there short term too: I stayed for two nights and it was great! For more info, check out my full Boracay Amor Apartments Review here. 


So there you have it, a quick vegan food guide to Boracay including the best places to find vegan Filipino food and the best vegan burger. I hope that's been helpful! Let me know in the comments below <3 

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