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Best Places To Eat Out In Budapest

Budapest, has a surprisingly awesome up-and-coming vegan foodie scene,  with over 80 vegan restaurants and plenty of dining options - from traditional Hungarian to international, from fancy to fast food. But for a weekend trip to Budapest or even an extended long-term stay in Budapest, 80 restaurants is a lot to choose from - where do you start? With this post right here :) 

In this post you'll find: 

  • Best vegan burger in Budapest
  • Best traditional Hungarian vegan food in budapest
  • Best pizza in Budapest
  • Best places for vegans to shop in Budapest

And so much more!

Eating out in Budapest is very cheap for people from Western Europe/ USA/ Canada/ Australia etc. Two people can happily stuff themselves for £20 - bear in mind Hungarian portions are often gigantic, luckily most places will let you take your left overs home.

Best traditional Hungarian restaurant (for vegans)

Napfenyes Etterem is the best place to go in Budapest for delicious, vegan, traditionally Hungarian food. The staff are lovely and the food is beyond delicious. I highly recommend töltött káposzta - picked cabbage stuffed with rice, faux meats, paprika and other Hungarian favourites - it's one of my favourite meals on the planet. 

They also do amazing pizzas here, with fake cheese that tastes so real, you'll probably double check that it's not cow cheese (it really isn't I promise). 

The only things I don't really like here are the drinks (I had a shake once and it was too lumpy); and I'm not over-keen on the cakes (they're a bit bland). 

The prices are also quite high for Budapest, but completely justified and worth it - those main meals are so delicious, I would pay more for it, seriously. 

Best Burgers in Budapest

Of all the burgers I've had in my life (including the ones when I ate meat), this one is by far the most superior - Las Vegans is a semi-permanent food truck with a few locations across the city (probably the most important one to you is the one right next to Szimpla, the most popular tourist bar).

They do lots of different types of burgers - carrot, deep fried 'cheese', soy, chickpea and more, but the one that made me go weak at the knees was the mushroom burger - my God it was good!

The only problem is, I had that mushroom burger at their temporary stall at a vegan festival. Since then I've visited two of their semi-permanent stalls and not found the mushroom burger again :( I have tried their deep fried cheese and carrot burgers too. They're also great, but nothing compared to that mushroom one.. Let me know if you find it's fixed location!

[Side note, in almost every restaurant I've been to in Budapest, they charge extra for sauces like ketchup, worth bearing in mind if you're getting take away and have ketchup in the fridge at home. I don't mind paying more for ketchup, but it generally comes in a plastic pot which is a waste and should be avoided where possible - read plastic items to avoid on your travels]

Best Mexican Food in Budapest

Vegan Love aren't all about Mexican food, they also do burgers and more, but when it comes to the best Mexican food (or tex-mex) in Budapest, they are the place to go. 

I had the best burrito here, super yummy! 

Their trucks don't always take card which is annoying, but they have a permanent shop too which does. 

Best Pizzas in Budapest

I love the pizzas at Napfenyes Etterem, but Vegazzi do really great pizzas too. I really recommend their Lecsós pizza: Lecsós is a traditional Hungarian dish of onion, pepper, paprika and more.

The only thing I don't really like about Vegazzi is the pizzas are a little on the dry side - something a bit of olive oil could cure. 

Best Vegan Fast Food in Budapest

Don't be put off by Istvanffi's unnecessarily complicated menu (basically all of the options are the same, just some come with an extra burger or gerkins or onions). I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food here, it may try and dress up like a fast-food joint, but I'm not fooled! The food is too good to be classed as fast-food, in my opinion.

The burgers are really tasty, as are the fries and the grapefruit juice was freshly squeezed with no sugar! 

The cups came in non-plastic cups too which was really cool to see, the only downside I could find about Istvanffi's was that their sauces (ketchup, almond mayo etc) come in plastic pots. Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal, but they gave me high expectations with the non plastic cups..

Oh and another thing - why aren't they called mockdonalds?

All jokes aside, this place is really cool and I love it. Perfect for when you want that 'fast-food' kick. 

Best Cheese in Budapest

If you're looking for 'cheese' in Budapest that smells good, looks authentic and tastes great head on over to Say Cheez. Their cheeses are made from cashews and their presentation is impeccable.

Sadly, like a lot of vegan cheeses, some of theirs can be a bit bland, so make sure you go for one of the spicy ones or, my favourite, the garlic one - these ones are super tasty and well worth the high prices. 

Best Goulash in Budapest

Goulash is Hungary's national dish: stew consisting of meat, vegetables and paprika. Obviously it's not vegan, but luckily Kozmosz do their own version. 

I'm not going to lie it wasn't the nicest thing I've ever eaten - I'm not sure if that's because of Kozmosz or if it's because I wouldn't like any goulash. It wasn't bad or anything it just didn't blow me away. I also had a burger there that was amazing. 

Best Hummus in Budapest

Hummus Bar isn't exclusively vegan - in fact it's not even exclusively vegetarian, but it gets a special mention because it's hummus is so so so good.

There are hummus bar's all across the city, but they're not all created equal. We went to one near the Parliament which had rude staff and dry falafel. But we went to one on (very touristy) Kiraly Street and the staff were lovely and the food was great. Oh hummus!! 

Where can vegans shop in Budapest

Last, but not least, if you're staying long-term in Budapest and have access to a kitchen, you'll be looking to make some tasty vegan meals yourself. 

Nektár Biobolt is an awesome organic chain with small shops dotted all over the city. Here you can find vegan sausage, cheese, yoghurt, chocolate and more (bonus, everything is of course organic).

Aldi is actually really great in Budapest - they stock super cheap (and organic!) tofu, organic soy milk, almond milk, big tins of lentils and chickpeas, cous cous, soy sauce and more. 

I go to Tesco very occasionally because it's the only place I've found peanut butter and baked beans (even though they're both super expensive).

As for fruit and veg, there are awesome vegetable shops (or zöldségbolt) on pretty much every corner. The fruit and veg is local, very cheap and (mostly) really fresh - make sure you don't miss the peppers!

So there you have it, plenty of cool places to eat in Budapest from the fancy to the fast food, from traditional Hungarian to Mexican, American and more.

The food is one of the main reasons I love Budapest and I hope you do too! Let me know! 

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