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How to Be Vegan in Szeged, Hungary

vegan in hungary

How to Eat Vegan in Szeged, Hungary

I've always found it easy to be vegan in Hungary, but I semi-live in capital vegan Budapest. So last summer I wanted to find out if it was easy to be a vegan in Hungary - the whole of Hungary. Thus I visited five different places including Szeged, the third largest city in Hungary. I visited in the summer, but because I was only there for a short amount of time, I unfortunately didn't get to try out all of the best vegan restaurants Szeged. Fortunately, fan and friend Dóra lives there, and she has written this AMAZING guest post for us about being vegan in Szeged Hungary:

Hungarian Dóra's Vegan Story

I went vegan on August 23, 2017 (with a gentle nudge at just the right time from the nicest English woman I know and with lots and lots of help from her ever since). Not that it was a national holiday or something like that to remember my first day so well, but it stuck as it was a big deal for me (actually, it still is). My life just turned upside down that day. First of all, I believe that it was an identity crisis for me (what else could it be for a psychologist? :D), then of course my social skills (how to tell/who to tell/when to tell) were tested to the maximum. Adding to these “Huge Life-changing Experiences” the constant where to eat/what to eat dilemma lurked after me in every waking moment of mine. Pretty tough, huh? Don’t laugh, it was.

I got lots of help from Laura and from others, but I did not know a single vegan in Szeged Hungary… First I felt really sorry for myself, but then my very introverted self realised that there were some things I just had to deal with alone, so finally I took a deep breath and started exploring how vegan-friendly Szeged was (or wasn’t). Now, four and a half months later, I have my new favourite places, I’m pretty confident when it comes to shopping or eating out, and I’m very excited to know that I still have some places to explore :)

Vegan Restaurants Szeged

#1. Green Fusion

vegan szeged

Address: Szeged, Vitéz utca 3.
Open: M-F, 11:30-15:00

Green Fusion is the number one place for me, and for many reasons. First of all it’s 100% vegan, so it gives me the feeling of security when it comes to choosing what to eat. It’s located a little bit outside of the city centre, but that’s perfect for me as this way it’s closer to my workplace :) It’s a small place creating a friendly environment and a strong sense of belonging (in December they had a vegan picnic where people could meet up, exchange recipes and get to know each other – just how cool is that?). The staff are super kind and it really feels like going home.

Every day there is a soup, a few types of main courses (e.g. patties, stews, baked pasta, sides) and an optional dessert (e.g. muffins or dessert cups). The staff speak amazing English and they are very active on their Facebook account (i.e. sharing recipes, menus, etc.). They are also very eco-friendly (e.g. they try avoiding using plastic). Everything I have tried here was super good, which is a big thing for me as I don’t really like exotic/foreign spices, or at least I wasn’t to experimentative when it came to trying them before :) The only thing I could wish for is longer opening hours. This is a very good place for having lunch, but it would be great just being able to go there any time throughout the day.

#2. Fittanyuka Menü & Sütibár

vegan in szeged

Address: Szeged, Szentháromság utca 39.
Open: M-F, 8:00-18:00; Sat., 9:00-15:00

Fittanyuka is the perfect place for me, because it’s even closer to my workplace than Green Fusion is :) No, just kidding, that’s a good reason, but it has many other positives as well. The obvious thing is that it’s vegan. They have a daily offer for lunch on weekdays, and also a great variety of a’ la carte dishes (including pancakes, tortillas, burgers, patties, salads, fried veggies, pastas, etc.). They also offer many kinds of cakes, cookies, pies, puddings, shakes, fruit juices and so on, so it’s not only a lunch place, but actually serves you all day long (I like to grab a home-made oat biscuit for breakfast here on my way to work. Well at least if I’m not running late :)

They make beautiful cakes on order (they did my birthday cake this year and it was delicious!) and around the holidays you can buy all kinds of specialities there (e.g. vegan bejgli - a traditional Hungarian roll - at Christmas). The place is very family-friendly, which is sometimes a negative for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love kids, I really do, but sometimes I enjoy my lunch more if nobody is screaming around me :D Okay, maybe I should just delete this.. :)

Anyway, the staff is very helpful here, besides Hungarian they have an English menu as well and they take non-vegans into consideration: twice a week (I think it’s Tuesdays and Thursdays) they also provide a non-vegan alternative for their daily offer, which I think is great if you have non-vegan friends as well, because this way you have a place that fits everyone. I’ve eaten here many times as a vegan (and also as a non-vegan earlier) and was always very content, they serve a great variety of food and the portions are huge.

#3. Streetfood Zero

vegan restaurants szeged

Address: Szeged, Passzázs sor Tisza Lajos krt. felőli vége
Open: M-Sat., 11:00-21:30

Streetfood Zero is a place offering street food (you would have never guessed it, right?) in the middle of the city. The only downside of the place is that you have to take away your order, but I guess that might not be that surprising given that it’s a street food place. It’s lucky that it has many nice touristy places all around with benches and fountains and pigeons cornering you, demanding your leftover… So it definitely has a certain atmosphere. Why I love this place is because they make great pizza :) And I just love pizza! I think this place is not 100% vegan, but determined to serve people with all sorts of food allergies, so who cares? All that matters is that they have good vegan pizza (they even offer plant-based cheese to go with it), pancakes, burgers, tortillas, etc., so basically your regular street food, and also for a fair price. The staff are very cheerful and patient, which is good for beginners like me :) I’ve only had pizza here so far, but it was good :)

#4. Taj Mahal

vegan in hungary

Address: Szeged, Guttember utca 12.
Open: M-S, 11:00-22:00

Taj Mahal is an Indian restaurant and it’s ideal if you are looking for a great hiding place for a date for example :) It’s not 100% vegan, but has many vegetarian/vegan options on the menu (e.g. veggie soups, fried veggies, vegetable stews, etc.) which is again ideal if you are going out with some non-vegan friends. The staff are nice ( = they smile a lot), but they don’t seem to speak that much Hungarian. They have both an English and a Hungarian menu, which is very helpful. For me the biggest downside of the place was that all of the dishes were Indian, which is not surprising, but not my favourite as well (I know it’s just my personal preference, but still).

#5. Őrangyal Gasztroház Vegetariánus Étterem

Address: Szeged, Szent Mihály utca 1.
Open: M-Sat., 11:00-15:00

I’ve never been to Őrangyal, but many of my friends have and they say it’s a good place, so I have it on my list. It’s a vegetarian place, but they have many vegan options on their menu as well and they are happy to prepare each meal as a vegan version. Looking at their menu online they offer a great variety of dishes including traditional Hungarian dishes and international cuisine. One of my friends said that the staff are very nice, so I’m looking forward to visiting this place. On Saturdays they offer a buffet table. Again, it’s only a place for lunch.

#6. Zöldlevelecske Salátabár

vegan pizza guru szeged

Address: online
Open: M-F, 11:00-22:00

Zöldlevelecske is a salad bar, and it’s very handy on those long days when you just want to go home after work, pick up the phone and let others handle the rest of it. Zöldlevelecske is not 100% vegan, but very vegan friendly. You can order a great variety of salads, soups, fresh fruit/veggie juices and desserts from here and it’s very easy to find vegan options among the dishes or make some changes to make them vegan-compatible (e.g. replace roasted ham with roasted tofu or cheese with nuts).

Again, this is great as it fits the needs of the whole family, even if not everyone is vegan. For me it’s a great place to order some food from, but I love them so much that sometimes it would be good if they had a place where I can sit in instead of only offering take-aways. They are also not open on weekends, but at least their opening hours are quite long during weekdays. The staff are very helpful and kind, and they are very environmentally friendly (e.g. using bamboo forks instead of plastic), which is a huge plus for me. They offer a great variety of tastes (e.g. traditional Hungarian, Italian, French, etc.) and are very flexible. Also, their delivery is super fast, which is good if you are hungry :)

#7. Vegan Pizza Guru Szeged

Going vegan meant that my favourite place for pizza became off limits (they put eggs in the dough), but this way I could discover other places as well. It was crucial for me, because (like I had said earlier) I love pizza. These days I usually order from two places: Pizza Guru Szeged and Pizza Monkey. At Pizza Guru Szeged they even have vegetable cheese for an additional fee (HUF 300 I think), but it worths it as their pizza sauce is damn good :) Pizza Monkey offers no vegan cheese replacements, but they are very happy to skip cheese and let you choose another plant-based ingredient to put on top of your pizza. After all, who needs cheese anyway if you can get an extra portion of olives instead?

#8. Shopping as a Vegan in Szeged, Hungary

vegan szeged

Szeged is a great place to go shopping as a vegan. First of all it has DM, Rossmann, Aldi, Tesco, Lidl, Spar, Auchan, etc. offering a huge load of all kinds of vegan products, then there is literally an organic food store on every other corner in the city centre, again offering a fair deal of replacements for animal products. My favourite one is BioCity, because they are just right in the middle of vegan Szeged and the staff are very kind and helpful – they saved me from a good deal of reading labels at the beginning. I also love them the best because during the summer they offer a massive variety of vegan ice creams. This year my favourite was pistachio, but there were so many options I didn’t even have the chance to try them all! The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are quite expensive. Here we are also very lucky to have access to fresh fruits and vegetables, we have a huge market at Mars tér ( = square) and tons of fruit&veg shops. Ever since I became vegan I try to buy fresh food more often and cook for myself regularly. I like to think that now I live a healthier lifestyle than I used to do :D

Wrap Up: Vegan in Szeged, Hungary

Besides finding great vegan and vegan friendly places, I was also delighted to find some accidentally vegan options as well, which I could find basically everywhere so far (not that I go out that often). Downtown vegan Szeged is spotted with cafés, bars and restaurants and I was happy to see that so far they all had at least a few (accidentally) vegan options I could try. For example, most of the fruit flavoured ice creams turned out to be vegan, many places offer smoothies, salads or veggie sandwiches, etc. However, my biggest surprise (and delight) was to find vegan kürtőskalács ( = chimney cakes) at the Wine Festival :) And it was actually good :) So were vegan szaloncukors, chocolate Mikulás figures or vegan gingerbreads.

Actually I think that I’ve done a pretty good job exploring, trying, experimenting, asserting, etc. ;) but luckily this is not the end of the story. Recently I’ve found out that a new vegan restaurants Szeged and juice bar was opening to vegan Szeged (yay) called Vegazzo Vegan Bistro and Juice Bar. They are planning on opening at the end of January/beginning of February, so I’m very excited to try :) (Address: Szeged, Mérey utca 6/a)


Thank you, Dora :) We also made a vlog of a Travelling Weasels fan meet-up in Szeged, here it is, enjoy :)

P.S.: P.S.: If you wanna read about my favourite vegan places in Budapest, I wrote a blogpost about that, too :) Also, if you're interested in an app designed for vegans & wanna support the vegan movement and us, veganvstravel as well, use this link plz to download Abillionveg. When registering, please use our referral code: TRAVELLINGWEASELS. If you wanna know why we think this is a great app, read here.

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