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Vegan in Canada: The Top Places to Eat in Edmonton for Vegans

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Updated May 2023: Those looking to live or travel to Edmonton, Canada will find a great range of dining options for vegans. The food scene here is extremely hip with entrepreneurs popping up all over the place ready to serve you incredible and innovative bites. These are some of the best vegan-friendly places in the city (and what you should eat when you're there). Most of these places aren't exclusively vegan, in fact some of them didn't even have vegan options on the menu, but they get a special thank you for adapting their menu for vegan customers (all prices are in Canadian dollars). You might also consider wearing a custom vegan lapel pin or custom metal keychains to let them know you're vegan! A custom vegan pin allows vegans to proudly display their values while travelling, and can be worn on a jacket, backpack or hat. It's a wonderful way of expressing personal interests, beliefs, and lifestyle choices.

The Common

best vegan restaurants edmonton

The Common is a trendy gastropub: one part great food one part cool night out - the best of both worlds! I tried the Sweet Potato Hummus and Grill Bread - served with warm Mona Mushrooms and Beetroot. The hummus was some of the best I've ever had and paired with the bread and beetroots it was really filling. My man Tanbay had the Green & Grains Salad, which was quinoa, kale, leeks & spinach. Also filling, also delicious.

Both of these vegan options were on the menu already, and they seem to always have at least one vegan option (tofu, hummus etc), which was great to see. The Common has a seasonal menu, meaning that a) the menu is always different but b) it's always fresh. Dinner prices range from $6-$16 for starters and $14-$18 for mains, which is very reasonable for Canada, especially considering how filling both the meals were. As for the ambience of the place, it was very hip with lots of young people and a cool vibe. I liked it! They are also open for lunch.

The Rostizado

top vegan restaurants in edmonton

Rostizado is a modern Mexican style restaurant. The food is delicious and again the atmosphere is hip. I had the Roasted Pineapple Salad - grilled 1/4 fruit topped with a chile salsa ($17). I'm not exactly sure what was in the salsa but damn it was delicious, like really delicious. It was served with escarole, courgette, fennel and cucumbers tossed in an ancho chile vinaigrette. This was one of my absolute favourite dishes that I had in Edmonton. I also shared the Vegetales Rostizados - roasted vegetables with herbs and spices ($8/$15). This was also delicious. Although the pineapple and vegetables are classed as sides, I was so full by the end of the evening! Again like the Common, both of these vegan dishes were available from the menu. Dinner prices range from $14-$24. Totally worth it. They are also open for lunch.

El Cortez

best vegan food edmonton

El Cortez Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar is, you guessed it, another Mexican restaurant. Like Rostizado and The Common they aren't exclusively vegan but they do cater to vegans... and actually they cater really well, there was a vegan starter and main on the menu but no dessert, so what did they do? Insisted on making one up for us! We started with perfect margaritas and the most delicious guacamole ever (El Cortez Guacamole, $12) which was served with chips. Next we had Tacos ($12). We opted for charred corn and mushroom without the queso. And for the dessert they served a delicious orange number, it was so considerate of the chef to create something vegan on the spot!

A special shout out goes to the margaritas here, margaritas are my favourite drink but can so easily be poorly made (i.e. with sugar). These were perfect, they really take their tequila seriously here! To match the delicious food, the scene was uber hip here: cool decorations, cool silent movies and the manager had a mohican - my kind of restaurant!

The District Cafe

best vegan restaurants edmonton

District Cafe is a great place to go to get a delicious, filling breakfast - perfect before a cold day and/or a big sport filled day. I had rice pudding made with coconut milk there and it was really yummy. It sounds simple but I've tried recreating it at home and it just doesn't compare. I also tried their home-made bread and it was really delicious - and still warm! Breakfast prices range from $4-16 and they also do lunch.

The Mosaics

where to eat in edmonton

Mosaics omg. The worst thing about Mosaics was I didn't visit until the last day of my trip to Edmonton, if only I'd gone there sooner - I'd have had breakfast there every day. Mosaics is exclusively vegetarian and vegan friendly :) The food was absolutely incredible. I struggled to choose between the Hummus & Truffle Reishi 'Shrooms ($12) and the Scramble ($16). In the end I went for the Scramble and it was a gigantic plate filled with tofu, veg, vegan sausage, fruits and the best hash-browns I've ever had (sorry England). Tanbay had the giant vegan pancakes with fruit, vegan cream and sausage ($15).

The portions were so generous I got a bit worried half way through that we wouldn't be able to finish it, but it turns out they do take-away boxes! What's better than the best breakfast ever? When you can eat the left over for lunch of course! Of all the places we ate in Edmonton, Mosaics was our favourite.

The Farrow

vegan food edmonton

Farrow is a quirky cool cafe meets sandwich store where the waiters wear 'Friends' inspired Farrow tops. They serve lots of different sandwiches here (including meat and vegetarian ones), they had a vegan option whilst we were there. The menu changes quite a lot so if they don't have a vegan option when you visit, just ask, because they make the sandwiches from scratch (and they are dope!) As for our sandwich it was absolutely incredible: thank you vegan mayo!

Wrap Up: Top Places to Eat in Edmonton for Vegans

So whilst Edmonton isn't exactly crawling with vegan restaurants as say Budapest or Berlin is, there are still plenty of yummy options for vegans. Even if there isn't an obvious vegan choice just ask - Edmontonians are so nice they may well make you your own meal :) By the way, if you're looking to explore more of the city conveniently, you can consider renting a car in Edmonton through 14CARS.com for added flexibility and mobility. Exploring more of Canada? Check out this guide about vegan food in Montreal And if you're interested in our adventures in Edmonton, check out our vlog:

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