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Being Vegan in Jamaica and the Best Simple Vegan Jamaican Recipes

best jamaican vegan food

Jamaica might be famous for jerk chicken and pork, but if you’re a veggie or vegan traveller, there are plenty of plant-based and animal-friendly cuisine options in this iconic Caribbean island nation. And when you sprinkle some musical stardust, stunning natural scenery and wonderful wildlife in the mix, it’s the perfect choice for anyone who appreciates peaceful vibes, good company and spiritual word, sound and power. If you’ve always fancied taking a Jamaican trip where you venture beyond the confines of all-inclusive beach resorts, plan ahead and it’s safe to do so. To help you get started, here are five tasty tips for a conscious Jamaica trip. And then we'll explore being vegan in Jamaica, vegan restaurants and traditional recipes :)

Being Vegan in Jamaica

best vegan restaurants in jamaica

The abundance of fresh fruit makes being vegan in Jamaica a breeze - if you've ever wanted to try going raw vegan this would be an ideal place to start for sure. From locally grown guava, pineapple, rambutan, mango and more to Jamaica's national fruit - ackee, you're tummy is gonna come up and thank you. Or something more realistic. But for those of you that are allergic scared of fruit or something, here are some other simple vegan Jamaican recipes to try - you can even try them at home before you go!

The Best, Simple Vegan Traditional Jamaican recipes

  • Jamaican patties: one of Jamaica's favourite recipes and pretty self explanatory as to what they are :) find a recipe here;
  • Bammy: a cassava flour flatbread original eaten by the Arawaks you can find a delicious recipe here;
  • Callaloo: made from indigenous leaf vegetables, garlic, thyme, tomatoes and more, find a recipe here;
  • Chunks: also known as soya chunks traditional Jamaican recipe can be found here.

And for those of you that can't or simply don't want to cook, here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Kingston and in Jamaica:

Vegan restaurants in Kingston and Jamaica

According to happy cow there are a whopping 27 completely vegan restaurants in Jamaica which, as this map depicts, are conveniently located all over the island from Rasta Ade Refreshments in the west where you can try Bammy to The Moussa Pot in the east which serves offers different meals daily depending on what's available from local farms.

vegan resort jamaica

The majority of the vegan restaurants in Jamaica can of course be found in capital Kingston, which boasts 12 whole spots. Try Stanford and Earls Juice Garden for stews and cane juice, Mi Hungry for raw burgers and pizzas and King Davids for Ital food.

5 Tasty Tips For a Conscious Jamaica Trip

vegans in jamaica

Just Natural vegan food

Negril is nestled on Jamaica’s west coast and it’s where you’ll see the country’s most captivating sunsets. There’s an unmistakable hippy vibe in this part of the island which is further enhanced by laid-back restaurants like Just Natural, where you can sample vegan dishes featuring delish ingredients like ackee (the creamy-smooth national fruit) and callaloo (a spicy, spinach-like veg).

Ital cooking

The Ital diet is part of the Rastafarian faith and while strictly speaking it’s pescatarian (which is like veganism except you can eat fish, so you know, not like veganism, lol), in practical terms, many of the dishes (like ital stew) are prepared and consumed in vegan forms. If you’re interested in Ital, you can learn about the cuisine from experts like Ras Mokko in Sunning Hill, St Thomas.

Eco cabins

Want to get back to nature, take a digital detox and hang out in a wooden eco-cabin in a complex with a private beach which is regularly visited by manatees? Who wouldn’t, right? You can do all this and more at Zion Country in Portland, which is operated by owner Free-I with skilled chef Owen by his side.

Musical heritage

Jamaican roots reggae has spread a message of peace, love and understanding worldwide. Which is in itself pretty impressive indeed. Bob Marley was reggae’s greatest exponent, and you can explore the legend’s former home in the friendly museum at 56 Hope Road, Kingston to learn more about his inspirational life story.

Mountain hideout

Jamaica is known for its sun, sea and sand. But for many, there’s more magic to be found in its verdant, mystic mountains. If you want to treat yourself to a little luxury, stay at Strawberry Hills in St Andrew for a couple of nights, where you can take in the fresh air, sample some delightful meat-free options on their dine-in menu, and thanks to their reliable Wi-Fi, complete coursework if you’re a remote student with an institution such as ARU Distance Learning or publish your latest travel vlog if you’re a digital nomad.

vegan jamaican patties

Wrap Up: Vegan in Jamaica

jamaican vegans

This quintet of quality tips for a conscious Jamaica trip should stir your senses and stimulate your plans for a dream trip to the tropics whenever it’s safe to bolt for the blue horizon. Keep your eyes and heart open here and you’ll have the time of your life! Also, this video is highly recommended: 'What a vegan rasta eats in a day' :) Enjoy!

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