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It's one thing to be looking for vegan friendly destinations as a lone adult, because at the end of the day you can always survive off rice and Oreos for a week or so, but travelling with kids is different. Child services isn't going to be very happy - and that's nothing compared to how your kids are going to react.. So how can you make sure somewhere is kid friendly, vegan friendly AND kid vegan friendly? With this blog post :D

But wait, who am I (childless) to have an opinion? What I lack in offspring I make up in extensive experience travelling as a vegan. Additionally, I used to be a kid myself. I remember what they like/don't like/need etc. Plus, I am calling an open invitation to any parents to add anything they think is important to this post (just email me or write me on Instagram)

Okay let's get started :D

Vegan Meal Prep For Vacation

To be honest, I think the best vegan meal prep you can do for your family vacation is to pick destinations that are vegan friendly - head to places that have an abundance of accidentally vegan foods or fresh, local fruits and veg - or both!

But this might not be practical for you, and as there are some things I always take with me when travelling, I think it's good to mention them here. They can, for the most part, be found all over the planet, but because they are essentials for vegans and you probably don't want to waste half of your vacation looking for them, and and, they're all light and easy to transport, I firmly believe it's best to just take them with you:

  • ground flax seeds (for your omega 3 fats) pack 1 tbsp per person per day;
  • B12, D3 and K2 suppliments just in case;
  • a Tupperware top to make packed lunches for the day and to guerrilla compost at night.

Now let's have a look at some places where the prep is minimal because the vegan options are extensive:

Best Vegan Vacations for Families

#1. Serbia

vegan vacation in serbia

Nestled in South East Europe, Serbia might not be the first place that pops to mind when it comes to safe family travel or easy vegan travel, but trust me, it should be: Firstly, Serbia being unsafe is a misconception that no-doubt stems from the wars in the 90s - Serbia has mostly moved on since then, it's time Western Europe's misconceptions did too.

Secondly, Serbia is a haven for vegan travellers thanks to one word: Posno. Officially translated as 'fasting', what it practically means is you can go into any restaurant, cafe or bakery, say that magic word and be offered food without meat, dairy or eggs - sound familiar? Yes, you still have to keep an eye out for fish (riba) and honey (dušo) but omg it's so much easier than remembering the numerous words for meat things and dairy things. Additionally, saying 'posno' in Serbia not only gets your needs understood, you're unlikely to get dirty looks like you sometimes do when you say 'vegan'.

#2 Egypt

a vegan in egypt

I have this pet peeve with people thinking that Egypt is not kid-friendly - it no doubt stems from not being allowed on a package holiday there as a 12 year old and having to go to Turkey instead, where I was subsequently (trigger warning) attacked. My childhood trauma aside, there are lots of kids in Egypt. Yours could be some of them! I managed to get to Egypt as a 28 year old and I think it's a great place for children - what better place to teach them about rich history and awful oppression?

In terms of vegan friendliness, Egypt gets a big thumbs up from me. There's falafel, there's spinach pies, a lot of arrabiatta, there's koshary and fresh fruit. I could go on and on, and I do in this post: travelling vegan in Egypt.

#3 Scotland

vegan family vacation to scotland

No longer filled with bloody rebellions against the English (sadly), nowadays Scotland is an extremely family friendly destination with so much to do - be it riding on the Hogwarts express, checking out the mountains, or treating your fam like a royal fam by staying in some luxury accommodation in Scotland.

In terms of travelling there as a vegan family, it's pretty easy. Not least because most people speak English there (which if you're reading this, I'm assuming you do too). Cutting out the language barrier (for the most part) is one of the guaranteed ways to make a holiday as a vegan super easy. For more reasons why Scotland is great for travelling vegans, please check out one of my older posts: tips for travelling vegan in Scotland.

#4 Nepal

vegan family holidays

Being a vegan in Nepal is perhaps surprisingly easy, partly thanks to the fertile location and thus abundance of fresh, good food, and partly thanks to the culture - many Hindus and Buddhists in the area follow a vegan (or maybe vegetarian) lifestyle. In terms of family friendly travel, Nepal is a winner too. What kid doesn't want to see the tallest mountain in the world?

#5 Crete

crete vegan family travel

Crete, (not to be confused as I always do with Cyprus) is Greece's largest islands. As a rule of thumb, Greek is vegan friendly thanks to its awesome climate and fertile lands - there is fresh fruit and veg everywhere. When it comes to Crete specifically, according to happycow there are two completely vegan restaurants there and a further three vegetarian restaurants which are vegan-friendly. For families, there is plenty to do in Crete - from relaxing in a villa to hiking, to lounging on the beach and more.

Wrap Up: 5 Awesome Places to Take Your Vegan Family

In conclusion, with a little bit of planning, it's easy to find a place that is both vegan friendly and family friendly to go on vacation. I personally recommend trying to also go somewhere that's accessible to your family overland or via boat (as opposed to travelling). Simply because flying is so so bad for the environment and that's where the animals (and your kids) live.

Please let me know where your favourite vegan family places to travel to are and thank you for reading!

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