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which us states are the most vegan

The USA is one of the best countries you can visit as a vegan. About 10 million residents of the country identify as vegans, and that has 'forced' restaurants around the country to start becoming more ethical. The root of this movement is the increased realisation that the food industry treats animals abominably. While the USA is generally a great place for vegans to visit, a few cities stand out for their vegan-friendliness. In this guide, we will look at some of these cities.

Vegan Cities in the USA: a Few Things to Note First

When taking a holiday to the United States, you should consider a few things first. One thing is that you should consider enlisting the services of a travel agent. By working with an experienced travel agent, you will be able to travel with less stress. It is worth noting that companies like Little America cater to vegan travellers, so they can help you plan a trip that only involves visiting cruelty-free eateries.

which us states are the most vegan

Another essential thing you should consider when travelling is the seasons of the United States. This is especially important for people living in warmer countries. A few places like Hawaii and South Florida experience tropical climates, but the vast majority of the USA gets extremely cold between December and February. With this out of the way, let’s look at the top vegan cities in the USA! :)

#1. Vegan Portland, Oregon

Portland is also known as the Rose City, and it ranks among the best destinations in the world for vegans. A large number of restaurants and eateries in the city offer vegan options, so you won’t have to struggle to locate a place to eat. Also, more than 50 eateries in the city are entirely vegan. Aside from the large number of vegan restaurants, you will be able to meet up with fellow vegans.

vegan cities usa

Portland was one of the first cities to make a name for itself in the vegan world. Between markets, food trucks and restaurants, the vegan options only continued to increase and draw more visitors. While you’re here, a few must-try vegan-friendly restaurants are: Homegrown Smoker BBQ, Blossoming Lotus (for upscale vegan dining), The Bye-and-Bye (a bar with a vegan menu), and Sweet Pea Baking Company.

Between dining spots, enjoy the beautiful and lush greenery that Portland has to offer. The Portland Japanese Garden is one of the largest outside of Japan, the International Rose Test Garden is incredibly memorable with views of the city and Mount Hood visible on a clear day, and you can stop in Powell’s City of Books or the Portland Art Museum on a rainy day.

#2. Vegan San Francisco, California

San Francisco is another famous vegan-friendly city in the USA. It was among the first cities in the country to ban the sale of animal fur. In this city, you will always be a few steps away from a vegan-friendly dining place.

vegan friendly cities usa

San Francisco is a progressive city located on the San Francisco Bay. There’s a lot to see and do in this hilly city, and one of the favourite activities here for many is to dine out in this foodie and vibrant city. Vegans and vegetarians will be happy here, with the plethora of options at non-vegan restaurants and focused vegan/vegetarian restaurants. While a vegan or vegetarian may not imagine anything beyond a veggie roll to be possible for sushi, head to Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar for one the most incredible vegan sushi. Just prepare to wait or make a reservation ahead of time! For a substantial and healthy meal, head to Nourish Café. For an upscale dining experience with views overlooking the water, make a reservation at Greens Restaurant. Most of the menu is vegetarian with some vegan options, and if there are no reservations available you can do take-away.

#3. Vegan Orlando, Florida

most vegan friendly cities

While Florida isn’t considered a top vegan-friendly state, Orlando has risen to become one of the best places for vegans. Vegan-friendly restaurants in the city offer tasty options that appeal even to non-vegans.

#4. Vegan Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is a city that is constantly renewing itself and always looking towards the future, from its ambitious infrastructure projects to its efforts of improving sustainability and mobility, this city is always on top of things.

best vegan cities in the us

The city is trendy, health-focused, and has upscale options, so as veganism became more popular, vegan-friendly options started popping up throughout LA and the LA area.

  • For a vegan burger, head to Bareburger.
  • For Mexican food, Gracias Madre.
  • For a fancy night out, head to Crossroads.
  • For incredible vegan food and wine pairings, head to Plant Food + Wine.

While you’re in LA, must-do activities are to walk to Hollywood sign, walk along Rodeo Drive, visit the Getty Center, visit the famous Santa Monica Pier, and go on a tour at Universal Studios Hollywood and/or Warner Bros.

Make Your Own Vegan Meals!

Whenever you are unable to access vegan restaurants, you will need to make your own meals in your apartment. You can check out this vegan burritos recipe for a start. Other tasty vegan meals you can make include vegetable biryani, whole roasted cauliflower, and vegan tacos.

Wrap Up: Top Vegan-Friendly Cities in the USA

As a vegan, you will appreciate touring the USA as it has lots of vegan-friendly cities. For the best experience, you should go to Portland, San Francisco, and Orlando. Since these cities have massive vegan populations, you will also be able to meet like-minded people. It is also essential to learn how to make vegan meals at home as you may occasionally find it hard to find good vegan options. We also want to add that there are a few vegan-friendly cities on the East coast as well: you'll be able to find incredible food in cities like Orlando, Florida, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky, and NYC, New York. For proof, here's an awesome video about the vegan East Coast:

So, what do you think? Have we convinced you to visit some (or any) of these places for their vegan cuisine? We hope we did! :) Let us know and please feel free to give us tips and advice below!

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