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Hold the Wine! Teetotal Travel or: the Ins and Outs of Travelling Sober

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Are you currently sober? More and more people worldwide are choosing to abstain from drinking alcohol for various reasons. Some people have had issues with their alcohol consumption and have chosen sobriety for their families. Other people simply don’t like the effects that alcohol can hold over them. And others still are health conscious, and are concerned about what they may be imbibing. Whatever the reason, seasoned sober citizens know that sobriety doesn’t have to mean an end to all the fun and enjoyable activities.

Reasons to Go Teetotal

But what about travelling while sober? Well, even this actually may be easier than you think it to be. In fact, in many cases, travelling sober can be a fantastic way of elevating your experiences abroad and helping you stay present. This helpful article will help you say “hold the wine” while travelling, alongside providing some insights into the ins and outs of travelling while abstaining from alcohol. Read on to discover more.

#1. Opt for Non-Alcohol Drinks!

More and more bars, pubs and other establishments now serve a variety of non-alcoholic options such as non-alcoholic wine and some signature mocktails for you to enjoy. There is a growing market of non- or ultra-low-alcohol beers, wines and spirits that are just as refreshing and delicious as the strong stuff itself.

Some are even available in grocery stores and supermarkets, so you can take some back to the hotel to enjoy as well. By using all the non-alcoholic options at your disposal, you can still have a drink in your hand without feeling awkward or left out when attending a party or partaking in a fun night out with your fellow travel partners.

#2. You Can Hire a Car to Get Around

Travelling sober means you don’t have to worry about getting around. Why? Because you can easily hire a car (like we did in Iceland) and drive it any time of the day or night. Without alcohol in your system, you’re not at risk of drunk driving or even having to worry about being over blood alcohol limits. This means you can get to where you want to go, whenever you want to get there. Getting around will be easy, and you can see all the sights on your own time and terms.

#3. You’ll Save Money

By remaining sober while travelling, you’ll actually be able to save heaps of money. Alcohol can be expensive when travelling, especially if you frequent venues such as bars, nightclubs and other drinking establishments that may add service charges to all the costs of their already overpriced drinks.

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And of course, non-alcoholic drinks tend to be cheaper than alcoholic ones, especially if your non-alcoholic beverages of choice are some soft drinks. You’ll save a decent portion of your travelling budget, which you can then put towards more travel, exciting experiences and other fun activities that you can enjoy to the fullest because you’ll always be well-rested, and of course, never hungover.

#4. You Can Still Enjoy the Nightlife

Travelling sober doesn’t mean skipping the nightlife. You can still hit the nightclubs sober, and sometimes you’ll have even more fun. Why? Well, for one, you can still dance and enjoy music while sober, sometimes even more so because you’re present and clear of mind. You can also have a chat and enjoy others’ company without the blurring of the senses that alcohol can inspire at the worst of times. If you are concerned about staying awake to enjoy a late night out, all you have to do is have a strong coffee or even an energy drink to get a perfectly alcohol-free buzz to help you keep on dancing.

#5. You’ll Remember Everything

If you’ve ever had enough drinks to get a buzz on or drunk, you’ll be familiar with the memory loss that can potentially occur after a night where you’ve indulged in perhaps a few too many. You might have fun at the time, but what’s the point if you can’t recall what you did the night before? Sometimes, you even find out that you’ve acted embarrassingly or done or said something you’ve then come to regret once sober.

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By making a commitment to travelling sober, however, you don’t have to worry about any of this because you won’t be drinking. You’ll remember everything you do and won’t wake up wondering if you made a fool of yourself the night before. In this regard, travelling sober may actually also help to keep you safe in foreign environments, as you’ll always be level-headed enough to know where you are and how to get back to safety if ever you feel at risk.

#6. You Can Stick to Your Plans

Another benefit to travelling while sober is you’ll rarely have to cancel your plans, such as for an experience or a tour. Having a big night of drinking can often mean that you’re not up to doing much the following day apart from taking painkillers, sipping water and staying in bed feeling sorry for yourself. When you’re sober, you wake up fresh and ready for the day’s activities, full of energy and well-rested.

#7. Engage With Your Support Network

If you’ve chosen sobriety because you abused alcohol, you may have built a support network around you in order to help you maintain your new lifestyle. This network could comprise self-help groups such as AA or SMART Recovery, mentors, close friends or even a professional therapist or counsellor. There’s no reason you can’t remain connected with your support network while travelling. In this digital age, you can easily connect with them using Whatsapp or Skype.

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Travelling while sober doesn’t have to mean disconnecting from your support systems. In fact, it can absolutely mean building on those systems as well! What we mean here is that there are also bound to be support meetings that you can take advantage of in your host country too, so be sure to seek out these services if you feel they may be useful for you.

A Sober Summary About Teetotal Travel

This helpful article has shared how you can hold the wine and travel while sober. If you heed this advice and our small selection of tips, you’ll still be sure to have an enjoyable time and won’t have to worry about the consequences of overindulging. Hopefully, this article has provided some assurance and information to ease your mind as you prepare for your next getaway.

What about you, do you drink when you travel or do you stay sober? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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