Thursday 24 September 2015

Beautiful Bodrum: Planning Your Trip To Southwest Turkey

bodrum turkey things to do
Situated in the Muğla Province of south-west Turkey, Bodrum is a port city that attracts around 1.5 million foreign tourists each year. It additionally gains millions of domestic visitors. If you are planning a trip to this glorious destination, you will not be disappointed. Nonetheless, it makes sense to soft plan your adventure by building a list of things you’d like to see and do. Even if you don’t want to worry about your schedule at this time, the following items should be on your agenda.

Check Out the Historical Landmarks!

Like many parts of Turkey, Bodrum continues to showcase its history to this day. The Bodrum Amphitheater is an ancient outdoor theatre that dates back to almost 400 BC. Whether it’s a tour or watching a show in the renovated theatre, you will feel the power of nearly 2500 years of history. The city also has museums like the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus while many of the streets scream culture too. Bodrum Castle and the Antique City of Pedasa should also feature on your checklist if you love history. Or love exploring the elements that tell the city’s story.

Go Scuba Diving!

If you want a once-in-a-lifetime scuba experience or enjoy underwater explorations, Bodrum is ideal. It is a destination that has warm, clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea are very comfortable, especially if you are not a frequent scuba diver. Crucially, there is plenty to see during your time underwater.
what to do in bodrum turkey
The seas around this part of Turkey’s south-west coast are blessed with colourful fish and equally colourful coral reefs. When supported by an experienced local diving instructor, a stunning experience is assured. Afterwards, you can chill on Bitez Beach or Camel Beach.

Visit Orak Island!

Given that you could spend a month in Bodrum without getting bored, it seems counterproductive to take an excursion. However, the Orak Islands - commonly referred to as the Turkish Maldives - can be visited with ease. If you have the opportunity to spend a night there, you should probably take it. Taking a boat trip from Bodrum is enjoyable in itself. It can also include food (Turkey is one of the best countries for vegans) and embrace a range of scheduled activities. Or you can simply relax with the sun, sea, and sand. Either way, you will love it.

Embrace Nature!

As well as having a lot of human history on display, Bodrum’s natural beauty is breathtaking. In addition to the beaches, Bardakci Cove is a beautiful body of water. Meanwhile, vineyards and marinas will provide hours of entertainment while you can see a lot of wildlife in the nearby national parks. This includes Usuluk Koyu Tabiat Parkı and Duygu Ormanı. This beautiful part of Turkey can be explored by foot, bicycle, helicopter, hot air balloon, or bus tours. The fact that you can tailor the adventure to your needs will allow you to build a plethora of magical memories and experiences. It’s the least that you deserve.

What about you, have you ever been to Bodrum? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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