Saturday 6 February 2021

Three Tips for Visiting South Africa as a Vegan

south africa vegan guide
While there are lots of exciting flavours to try all across the world, having new gastronomic experiences as a vegan can sometimes be tricky. There will be some destinations that are more vegan-friendly than others, and while it’s great to have an abundance of plant-based food on your travels, this shouldn’t mean that you have to skip the destinations that aren’t traditionally inclined towards plant-based meals. No matter where you are in the world, it’s always possible to discover delicious vegan food. In this guide, we share our top tips for navigating South Africa while following a fully plant-based diet (we already wrote about being vegan in Johannesburg).

Veganize Traditional South African Dishes!

South African cuisine is largely meat-based, so when it comes to sampling more traditional dishes, finding those that are both authentic and meet your dietary needs can be tough. Luckily, it is possible to get a taste for South Africa without having to rely on fast food outlets or big restaurant chains. Most small eateries will be happy to cater to a vegan diet on request and with notice, by recreating popular dishes with plant-based products in place of meat. Some popular authentic dishes you may get to sample include vegan Bobotie, a baked mince dish with a golden crust topping – and vegan Bunny Chow, a South African street food of spicy curry in a bowl of bread.

Explore South African Cities' Vegan Places!

If in doubt, it’s always best to head to the city in search of great vegan cuisine. Cape Town in particular is especially vegan-friendly, with around fourteen restaurants here that plant-based locals and tourists can enjoy.
how to be vegan in south africa
Plus, it’s easy to find a dish for every taste here – whether you’re looking to indulge in South African flavours, or are after something a little different. From cafes to bars and ice cream parlours, there's no shortage of vegan treats in Cape Town, so it’s definitely worth picking up a snack or two if you’re passing through.

Find the Right Stay!

Nowadays, most frequented countries have a plant-based population. This means that wherever you choose to spend your holidays, you’re bound to find locals offering 100% vegan stay experiences. In South Africa, there are lots of vegan hotels, B&Bs and eco lodges that offer entirely vegan menus to travellers and tourists. This is a great way to taste South African cuisines that also meet your dietary needs, with the help of local chefs and restaurant staff. Plus, sharing this experience with other vegan tourists is a wonderful way to connect and create new memories on your South African adventure.

How Can You Get the Most Out of Your Trip?

While you’re unlikely to find yourself short of vegan options during your time in South Africa, it’s worth thinking about ways that you can feel more in control of your daily eating habits whilst away from home. To get the most out of your South African experience, make sure to plan your meals ahead of time wherever possible, and familiarise yourself with a few vegan products in local shops and supermarket chains. Don’t forget, it’s always worth chatting with the locals if you’re not sure where to eat – this is a great way to both discover unique cuisines and have a more authentic trip.

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