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Cyprus for Vegans: The Best Restaurants and Cafes with Vegan Menus on the Island

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For the vegan traveller, navigating unfamiliar culinary landscapes can be daunting. Visions of limp lettuce and uninspired side dishes often cloud the dream of an exotic vacation. But fret no more, plant-powered adventurer! Veganism, a philosophy that extends beyond dietary choices to encompass a compassionate and sustainable lifestyle, has been blossoming into a global movement for a while now (since 1945, to be exact). And Cyprus, a sunny island at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, is embracing this movement with surprising pep and zeal.

Why Visit Cyprus as a Vegan

Why go vegan, you ask? The reasons are as multifaceted as the tasty dishes you'll discover in Cyprus. Veganism offers a path to a healthier you. Studies show plant-based diets can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain cancers. It's also a powerful stand for animal welfare, ensuring no animal suffers for your plate. Another compelling argument lies in veganism's positive impact on our planet. Animal agriculture is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. By choosing a plant-based lifestyle, you're actively participating in creating a more sustainable future for our precious Earth.

So why Cyprus, you might wonder? This island nation boasts a rich culinary heritage, where fresh, seasonal vegetables and legumes are the heart and soul of many traditional dishes. Think creamy hummus, smoky tahini, colourful salads bursting with ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, savoury black and green lives and lemony lentil soups. These staples form the foundation of the Cypriot diet, making it a natural hotspot for vegan exploration. But beyond these familiar delights, a new wave of innovative restaurants and cafes is putting plant-based cuisine centre stage. Get ready to tantalise your taste buds with vegan takes on sushi, succulent burgers, and decadent desserts you won't believe are dairy-free!
vegan food in cyprus
So please join us as we delve into the delicious world of vegan Cyprus. We'll explore hidden gems and established favourites, navigate traditional tavernas with confidence and discover the perfect cafes to fuel your adventures. Make sure to pack your appetite for adventure (and maybe a reusable water bottle!), because Cyprus is ready to show you that vegan travel can be anything but a sacrifice – it's a delightful, sun-kissed exploration of flavour and compassion.

The New School of Vegan Cuisine

These establishments put plant-based eating front and centre, proving that vegan food is anything but boring.

Elysian, Nicosia

This fully vegan haven in Nicosia is a whirlwind of culinary creativity. Expect an ever-changing menu featuring dishes like vegan sushi rolls with marinated tofu, plant-based "beef" Wellington, and a decadent chocolate brownie sundae that will make you question all your previous dessert experiences (I mean... a lot of them, anyway :). You can get here with a taxi ride easily.

O Linós, Paphos

A vibrant spot bringing fun and flavourful vegan cuisine to Paphos. Think jackfruit tacos, creamy vegan mac & cheese, and a selection of colourful bowls packed with fresh ingredients and bold flavours.

Fed By Nature, Limassol

A sanctuary for the health-conscious, Fed By Nature offers nourishing bowls, superfood smoothies, and inventive vegan wraps. It's the perfect spot for a refuelling lunch or a satisfying post-workout snack.

The Old School: Vegan-Friendly Tavernas

Cypriot tavernas are a cornerstone of the island's culinary scene, and thankfully, many offer delicious vegan options among their traditional fare.

To Anamma, Larnaca

This cosy taverna in Larnaca has a reputation for its welcoming atmosphere and flavorful dishes. Order with confidence – they have a dedicated vegan menu featuring classic meze like stuffed peppers, grilled mushrooms with herbs, and a creamy hummus that'll have you scraping the bowl clean. Transportation is also made easy in the city with Larnaca airport taxis.

Stou Roushia, Nicosia

Nestled in the old city of Nicosia, this charming taverna offers a true local experience. Ask the friendly staff about their vegan options, which often change seasonally but could include dishes like wild green pies and stewed okra with tomatoes.

Cafe Culture: Sweet Treats & Plant-Based Milks

Cyprus wouldn't be Cyprus without its relaxed cafe life. While dedicated vegan cafes are still emerging, some spots are leading the charge with delicious treats and plant-based milk options.

Menta Specialty Coffee, Nicosia

This trendy Nicosia coffee shop understands that vegans deserve great coffee too. Sip on a perfectly crafted oat milk latte and indulge in one of their vegan cookies or raw energy bars.

Meraki Market Cafe, Paphos

With a focus on organic ingredients, Meraki has made a name for itself with its vegan breakfast bowls, vibrant salads, and a tempting selection of vegan desserts, including chocolate chip walnut brownies.
best vegan restaurants in cyprus

Tips for the Culinary Adventurer

  • Do your research: Apps like HappyCow and online restaurant guides can help you find vegan-friendly spots in every corner of Cyprus.
  • Communicate clearly: Learn a few key phrases in Greek, like "I am vegan" ("Είμαι vegan"/"Ee-meh vegan") to help explain your dietary needs. Cypriots love hearing that specific phrase.
  • Embrace the local produce: Visit a farmer's market or grocery store to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables for snacks or to prepare your own meals. Many grocery stores now carry vegan cheese, yoghurt, and other plant-based staples.

Cyprus gingerly welcomes the vegan traveller with an unexpected abundance of plant-based delights. From innovative restaurants to cosy tavernas and cafes, all connected with a smooth taxi ride, your taste buds are in for a delightful Mediterranean adventure. Enjoy the journey, and Happy Travels!

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