Saturday 14 May 2022

The Top 5 Vegan-friendly Travel Destinations in the United States

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We’ve been to San Francisco, to Vegas, to Los Angeles, went up north and over the border, tried vegan places in Canada... now it’s time for us to head back and have a look at some of the best states for vegans in the US :)

Best Vegan-Friendly Destinations in the USA

There are quite a few vegan friendly destinations out there, but which ones should you go to? Let’s take a look at the top four and why they should be on your list of places to travel this year! Here are the best vegan-friendly destinations in the United States.

1. San Francisco, California

San Francisco (where we've been before) is one of America’s most vegan-friendly cities. Not only does it have a huge following in terms of culinary culture, but also for being green. In fact, PETA ranks San Francisco as having a score of 71/100 for being vegan friendly, which is what we like to call pretty darn awesome!

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So if you’re planning a trip out west, San Fran should be on your list. And one of our favourite restaurants there? Millennium Restaurant.

2. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, has a plethora of great vegan restaurants. The best, though is Farm Spirit, with their range of tasty plant-based meals inspired by local farmers and seasonal produce.

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From creative to traditional cuisine - they have it all! Don’t forget to order a side of homemade fries.

3. New York City, New York

From vegan fast food restaurants to hidden-gem restaurants, there’s no shortage of vegan dining options in New York City (one of my first trips). Here are a few favourites: Blossom Restaurant on 6th Avenue (website) is a 100% vegan restaurant serving organic, locally sourced meals like tofu gyros and tempeh reuben sandwiches.

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Earth Burger on West 14th Street offers an all-vegan menu with dishes like meatball sliders and mock fish tacos.

4. Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, California is known for being a vegan-friendly place. There are many vegan restaurants, such as Real Food Daily or Gracias Madre - plus, you could also try to find some hidden gems! :)

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For example, outside of Little Tokyo there’s a Thai restaurant called Karyn’s on Green with an entire vegan menu! There are even vegan and vegetarian restaurants inside airports like Lufthansa Terminal 5 food court in Los Angeles International Airport.

5. Little Rock, Arkansas

Little Rock, Arkansas is a vegan paradise. This city offers restaurants that will allow you to try any type of cuisine without compromising your dietary preferences. Visit one of Little Rock’s vegan-friendly restaurants for delicious options such as Tex-Mex and soul food.

best states for vegans usa

And there are plenty of meat options at some locales, which gives everyone a chance to experience great food. All it takes is a quick search to find several dining destinations within walking distance of each other.

Wrap Up: Best States For Vegans in the USA

Little Rock is a perfect place to explore all Arkansas has to offer, with things to do and delicious restaurants that are vegan-friendly. A full list of these eateries can be found in our table below. While you’re there, visit local sites like Clinton Presidential Library and Museum, National Historic Site and The Heifer International Headquarters. Whether you’re a resident or just passing through, you won’t regret visiting Little Rock!

What about you, what are your favourite vegan states in the USA? How do you do vegan travel in the US? Feel free to share your tips & advice with us below :)

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