Tuesday 16 July 2019

Write For Us - VeganVsTravel is looking for guest posts

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Do you want to contribute to our blog by writing a guest post? Perhaps you are looking to become a guest blogger or a guest author, or perhaps you are interested in helping people travel vegan or simply be vegan in your country. Either way, this is the blog post to be reading! We are currently looking for guest authors - you will be free to write about whatever you like, (as long as it is vegan centred). 

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Blog posts that I'm looking for:
What I'm not looking for: 
  • Something that is not related to veganism at all - this is easy to resolve, veganism permeates almost all parts of our cultures from what we eat, to what we wear to how we talk about animals. (If you have a good idea for a guest post but aren't sure how to make it vegan related - please ask and I will help)
  • Anything that paints veganism as just one option - for us here it is the only option. We are not vegetarians and whilst we think vegetarianism is a useful step towards veganism, it is not a place to stop for too long, please do not confuse vegetarianism and veganism. 
  • Anything that paints veganism as a diet - it does change what we choose to eat, but it is not about loosing weight or being healthier (although that is a great side effect), veganism is about animal rights which is something we care a lot about. Veganism is a philosophy not a diet

Guest post guidelines:
  • Write a 1500 - 2500 word guest post around veganism
  • Provide 5 - 10 landscape photos you've taken yourself / found with free to use usage rights
  • Naturally integrate keywords
  • Be happy for us to edit your post 
  • Please use British English spelling - e.g. 'travelling' not 'traveling' and use grammarly or some other kind of spell checker.
This is a remote job aka you can do this job from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet. Other skills that aren't a must but if you have are worth mentioning as they might give you an edge when it comes to writing for us: 
  • Knowledge of SEO
  • Especially, how to find and insert keywords
  • Social media skills
  • If you've read at least one post on VeganVsTravel and you think you know what I'd like and not like from a post
  • Honesty
  • Humour

How to submit an article to VeganVsTravel

Send me an email to travellingweasels@hotmail.com with the subject 'write for us at VeganVsTravel'. Please tell me:
  • your name
  • what you would like to write about (just the title is fine) 
  • whether you want to be vegan or not if you aren't, and whether you want to be a blogger or not if you aren't

Conclusion: Submit an article to VeganVsTravel

So do you:
  • want to become a guest blogger? 
  • have an interest in veganism and helping people become vegan and travel vegan?
You don't have to say yes to both questions, neither are requirements, but I have a feeling this job will be most suited to someone who wants both. VeganVsTravel was created partly to incentivise myself to remain vegan, but mainly to help people become vegan and travel vegan. Put simply, it's never been just about me and if I want to help as many people as possible, I need to create more content. Which is where you come in. So if you are interested in submitting an article to VeganVsTravel please don't hesitate - and I look forward to hearing from you! 

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