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House Sitting - The Best Way For Vegans To Travel

vegan house sitting

People often ask me how I was able to afford to travel the world for four years straight, across five continents. The answer is easy: house sitting.

And it turns out, like most things, house sitting is improved by veganism. 

This is a long house sitting blog post, split up into these sections:

  • What is house sitting?
  • What is vegan house sitting?
  • Why is house sitting perfect for vegans
  • Are there any downsides to vegan house sitting?
  • Dream vegan house sits
  • How to start house sitting
  • Best countries to start vegan house sitting in

What is house sitting?

First things first, what is house sitting?

House sitting is where you live in and look after a house while its owner is away 

In exchange for caring for the house (and more often than not the odd pet or three), house sitters receive free accommodation, free bills, free wifi and often free car rental and sometimes free food. 

What does this mean? At its minimum, house sitters can suddenly live at a fraction of the cost of before - think for a minute how much you spend on rent/mortgage, electricity, water bills, wifi, council tax etc, now imagine if all that was taken care of. 

Now add this on top of that: with house sitting you will very likely get to live in a much nicer place to the one you currently live in. For example, I went from living in a tiny studio in Birmingham to living in this: 

house sitting for vegans

A mansion in the south of Spain with not one, but two swimming pools. 

Sounds good? Keep reading...

At its maximum vegan house sitting can offer you worldwide free and luxury accommodation - for many, including myself, the dream of travelling the world was suddenly transformed into a very reachable reality:

how to become a house sitter

My fourth house sit - living at the beach in Western Australia.  

What's vegan house sitting

If you're a vegan that house sits, you automatically become a vegan house sitter. You may even be lucky enough to find vegan homeowners and vegan house sits!

Why is vegan house sitting perfect for travelling vegans?

Skipping over the fact that house sitting is a great idea for most people who love travelling (remember: it's free accommodation anywhere on the planet), there are a lot of reasons why house sitting is perfect specifically for vegans who travel: 

It's heaven for travelling pet lovers 

Vegans tend to love animals (that's kind of our thing) many vegans have rescue pets or found it was thanks to the love of our family pets growing up that made us vegan. House sitting is made for animal lovers. Most house sitting jobs are pet sitting jobs too - the biggest responsibility for your house sitting job is looking after the pets. 

vegan house sitting

vegan house sitting cats

So if, like me, you love travelling but are worried you're going to miss the home comfort of having a pet, you must check out vegan house-sitting - it's the best of both worlds!

vegan house sitter

vegan cat sitting

But what if you're a vegan with a pet allergy? Can you house sit with pet allergies? First of all, I'm so sorry you are a vegan with pet allergies, that must suck. But second of all, don't worry - there are still plenty of vegan house sitting jobs without pets! 

house sitting europe

There are also lots of vegan house sitting jobs that have pets that you're possibly not allergic to - generally I house sit dogs and cats (or both), but I've also done house sits with chickens, turtles, horses, donkeys, sheep, guinea pigs, lizards and fish. If you're a responsible adult, I guarantee there's a suitable house sit out there for you. 

vegan horse riding

(Do you think it's vegan to ride a horse? I haven't ridden one since I became vegan...)

Back to vegan house sitting benefits:

Vegan house sitters get full kitchen access!

If you're planning to travel as a vegan and your number 1 concern isn't about where you're going to eat - are you even vegan? ๐Ÿ˜‚ jokes aside, I'm sure it will be one of your biggest concerns, but you forget the concern immediately with house sitting, why? Because you have private access to a well-equipped kitchen of course!

Vegan travel can be hard if you're in a place with no vegan restaurants, where you can't communicate effectively to the non-vegan restaurants that you want vegan food and/ or if the place doesn't have your usual go-to vegan snacks in the supermarket. 

You know what you can find pretty much all over the planet? Rice. Beans. Veg. But if you're travelling using hotels you probably won't have access to a kitchen and will have no way to cook said rice, beans and veg. 

Even in a hostel, which often comes with a kitchen, you still might not be cooking very well there - firstly, hostel kitchens are infamously not well equipped and secondly you'll be sharing with however many other people. 

With vegan house sitting you will be using a kitchen that someone regularly uses to cook their own meals - aka they will probably have things like strainers, blenders, salad spinners, sharp knives, woks, rice cookers etc - not just the bog standard pot, tin opener and single spork that you'll find (if you're lucky) at a hostel. 

Secondly, you won't be sharing this kitchen with dozens of others, in fact, you won't be sharing it with anyone! 

Summary: want access to dope kitchens and other home comforts whilst travelling? Vegan house sitter might well be your new dream job. 

You'll have extra cash to splash at vegan restaurants

Anyone who has ever cooked at home anywhere knows that cooking at home is way cheaper than eating out. As a vegan house sitter, you have the option to dine in as often as you like, you'll be saving a bunch and suddenly you'll have the cash to dine at expensive vegan restaurants, even in expensive countries like the USA, Australia and Israel.

vegan travel

This 'cash spare' phenomenon isn't exclusive to vegan restaurants, thanks to house sitting I was able to afford trips to expensive countries like Australia and Finland in the first place - I'm not sure I'd have ever been able to afford going there without house sitting!

You get to travel the world for free!

Building on from that, house sitting means you'll be able to travel the world at a fraction of the cost of other people, whilst still maintaining a sense of luxury. In all my years of travel I've never found anything like it - yes Couchsurfing, hitchhiking and freeganing will get you free travel, but it's far from luxurious and thus it's definitely not for everyone. 

Similarly, staying in five-star hotels, flying on first-class tickets and dining in Michelin restaurants will get you luxury travel, but it's far from attainable for most. 

vegan house sitting australia

With house sitting you truly get the best of both worlds - cheap and luxury travel. I've house sat mansions, places with pools, saunas, tennis courts, private beaches, jacuzzis - you name it. I've even been lent Porches. 

vegan house sitting jobs

Are there any downsides to vegan house sitting?

Two words of 'caution' I want to give you - first of all, I don't want you walking in with the wrong idea, vegan house sits (where the homeowners are also vegan) are out there and certainly possible - and as vegans, you're almost guaranteed to get those house sits. However, the majority of house sits will come with non-vegan homeowners. Vegan house sits are kind of rare. But that's not a problem when the homeowner leaves it'll be just you and the kitchen and then it's vegan time. 

Which brings me to my second word of 'caution' - as every vegan knows, being a guest of a non-vegan can sometimes come with a few awkward conversations/situations. The same can be true for house sits with non-vegan homeowners. 

For example, we've had homeowners very generously offered to cook for us as a thank you for us house sitting for them - and then been given salad with cow-cheese in it.   

trustedhousesitters review

Similarly, we've had homeowners say to help ourselves to anything in the fridge/certain cupboards, only to find cow cheese, cow milk, cow yoghurt and tins of tuna in there ๐Ÿ˜‚ luckily the tuna kept for when they got back... 

But this is hardly the typical house sit, I think it's also important to tell you about some dream vegan house sits:

Dream vegan house sits

Vegan house sitting Germany

My fiancรฉ and I house sat three dogs and two cats in Hamburg Germany in a beautiful house with a sauna and a jacuzzi (and a Porsche). 

house sitting vegans

The homeowners (non-vegans) went above and beyond our expectations:

  • Cooked us a delicious 100% vegan-friendly meal 
  • Made sure they cooked enough for us to have yummy leftovers the next day
  • Stocked up the fridge with tofu, vegan yoghurts and loads of other yummy vegan treats
  • Told us to help ourselves to anything in the cupboards - pasta, rice, quinoa etc (no tuna)
They also had an incredible kitchen. It was a dream to cook in. 

Vegan house sitting Chiang Mai Thailand

Another house sit I did with an incredible kitchen was in Chiang Mai Thailand (a place famous for its vegan-friendliness). We looked after two dogs and a cat here. 

vegan pet sitting

pet sitting vegans

They were also such lovely homeowners (and again non-vegan) who went above and beyond to welcome us:

  • They treated us to a vegan-friendly restaurant in Chiang Mai where I had vegan-duck that tasted so much like duck I had to double check it wasn't duck (it wasn't). It was so delicious!
  • Showed us the most incredible fruit and veg market and generously bought us a bunch of goodies (including the best pineapple and watermelon I've ever had)
  • Drove us to the big supermarkets to make sure we'd stocked up on enough porridge, pasta etc
  • Taught me how to make perfect rice!

Back to the kitchen, I can't emphasise this enough. Imagine for a second you've been travelling in South East Asia for months, you haven't seen an oven in months because they're not really a thing there. 

Add to that the fact that all your delicious fresh fruit and veg has to be washed with bottled water (you can't drink the tap water in South East Asia). Washing everything with bottled water is a) a pain and b) a lot of plastic waste. 

Imagine now, how much of a heaven we were in when we stepped into this house sit's kitchen. Not only did they have an oven, they had a special filter tap meaning we could finally drink tap water again!

It might sound weird to you, but home-comforts whilst travelling is a massive reason I think house sitting is one of the best ways to travel. Especially for vegans. 

Vegan house sitting in the Caribbean

Alternative Travelers have just nabbed a dream house sit in the Caribbean - the people they are house sitting for are vegan homeowners! And did I mention the house sit is in the Caribbean?!

Browse vegan house sitting jobs in the Caribbean

How to start house sitting

So hopefully by now, I've convinced you that you want to be a vegan house sitter, so how do you become a house sitter? 

Put simply, sign up to Trustedhousesitters. When I first started house sitting, I signed up for a few different house sitting websites. Trustedhousesitters was the only one I ever had any success with, and what success! Through Trustedhousesitters I:

  • House sat for nine months straight in Australia, doing back-to-back sits, covering six states and ticking off bucket-list places like Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Perth, Kangaroo Island, the Blue Mountains and Byron Bay. Plus visiting loads of off-the-beaten-track places and deserted beaches: 
vegan travel
  • I then house sat for two years straight in Europe doing back-to-back sits and covering 8 countries (the UK, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Italy, Greece and Portugal.)
house sitting vegan

  • I also did a dream sit in Chiang Mai and have sits coming up in Singapore!  

Browse vegan house sitting jobs Australia
Browse vegan house sitting jobs in Europe
Browse vegan house sitting jobs in Singapore

Put simply, I have renewed my membership every year and it's worth every single penny. 

Yes, it does cost to sign up to Trustedhousesitters and no, there is no Trusted House Sitters Free Trial.

Membership costs £89 per year, which sounds like a lot as an upfront payment, but hear me out. Because of this membership, I received three years worth of accommodation. £89 per year for free accommodation isn't just a bargain - it's an absolute steal!

If you're already convinced: sign up to be a vegan house sitter here

And if you'd like more tips on how to become a house sitter, I wrote an entire blog post dedicated to this: How to start house sitting and live rent free worldwide

Also, I can offer you a 10% Trustedhousesitters discount code (just click that link). 

Best countries to start vegan house sitting in 

When it comes to picking a place for your first sit, you'll want places that are great for both newbie house sitters and for vegan house sitters. Top of my list of recommendations would be:

Vegan Housesitting Berlin, Germany

Berlin is somewhat of a vegan mecca with over 67 vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants. German supermarkets are chocker with vegan products and faux meats. 

vegan house sitting berlin

There are generally a lot of house sits available in Berlin too. It's a dream come true. 

Browse vegan housesitting Berlin jobs

Vegan house sitting Melbourne, Australia  

I'll always say house sitting in Australia is great for first-time house sitters because that's where I did my first house sits and I loved it! Additionally, Australia is one of the most expensive countries on the planet, for many house sitting might be the only chance to go there. Melbourne is arguably Australia's most vegan-friendly city with 8 vegan restaurants.  

vegan house sitting melbourne

Melbourne - one of the coolest cities on the planet.

vegan house sitting australia

Unfortunately I never house sat a kangaroo, it's actually illegal to keep them as pets in Australia - the closest I got was on a house sit in Adelaide where my home owner's neighbour illegally had a kangaroo as a pet, and I used to see it hanging out in their garden :P (it seemed happy, don't worry - he'd actually rescued it after it was hit by a car as a baby and brought it up as his tame child or whatever).

Bonus point: Australians speak English, it's a super easy country to travel in and you'll have no trouble communicating that you want vegan food. 

Bonus bonus point: koalas. 

Browse vegan house sitting jobs in Melbourne

Read house sitting in Australia - a guide for first-time house sitters

Vegan house sitting Brighton, UK

Brighton is another European mecca for vegans with over 14 vegan restaurants. 

vegan house sitting brighton

The UK is also one of the easiest countries to get your first sit because there are so many house sits available in the UK. 

Browse vegan house sitting jobs in Brighton 

Vegan house sitting Malaysia and Singapore

House sitting in Malaysia is a good place to start house sitting in South East Asia as there are a lot of house sits available here. 

vegan house sitting malaysia

vegan house sitting singapore

Probably not as many as Singapore, but both Singapore and Malaysia have a great vegan food scene. Additionally, they have easy visas and it would be easy to do multiple house sits back-to-back across these two places.

Browse vegan house sitting jobs Malaysia
Browse vegan house sitting jobs in Singapore

Read why vegan Kuala Lumpur is great

Vegan house sitting Portland, USA

According to many, Portland is a mecca for vegans thanks to its abundance of vegan-friendly restaurants. The USA is also a great place to start house sitting because (once you're in) it's easy to travel around - aka no need for visas every few hundred miles. And like Australia and the UK, they speak English here (albeit a lesser version ๐Ÿ˜œ)

Browse vegan house sitting jobs in the USA

Vegan house sitting New York, USA

New York City is also known for its abundance of vegan-friendly places. It's also both one of the most popular places to visit in the world and one of the most expensive.

vegan house sitting new york

Luckily, house sitting is super popular in New York, you're very likely to get your first house sit here. 

Browse vegan house sitting the USA

Vegan house sitting Israel

House sitting in Israel isn't quite as popular as say, house sitting in the UK or the USA, but nevertheless, house sitting jobs do pop up now and again in Israel. And as Israel is an extremely expensive country, this can be a great way to travel around it.

vegan house sitting israel

Additionally, Israel is one of the best countries in the world for vegans. In fact, I voted it the best country in the world for vegans in my round-up post last year.

Browse vegan house sitting jobs in Israel

Read a quick vegan guide to visiting Israel

Ultimately, the world is literally your (vegan) oyster. If there's a place you've been dreaming of visiting for years but couldn't quite work out the finances, check it out on house sitting now:

Browse vegan house sitting jobs worldwide

Conclusion: house sitting can be the best way for vegans to travel

House sitting is a dream come true for all different types of people, particularly those that love travel but have a limited budget, those that like to travel in style and those that love home comforts. I really think it's ideal for vegans thanks to the kitchen and the pets. 

If you have any questions about vegan house sitting please leave me a comment below! 

And if you liked this post chuck me a like on Facebook to keep up-to-date with new vegan travel blog posts <3 

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