Monday 21 December 2015

3 Fabulous Vegan-friendly Travel Locations

vegan friendly travel locations

Exploring the local delights is one of the most exciting parts of any travel adventure. So it’s no wonder that social media is flooded with images of fabulous foods from around the world, and we’re probably all guilty of sharing a picture of a plate at some point – especially if it’s enjoyed with a spectacular view.

3 Fabulous Vegan-friendly Travel Locations

Unfortunately, not all cultures instinctively cater to plant-based diets, and in parts of the world where veganism is less common, herbi- and fungivores may struggle to find filling food that satisfies their hunger for culinary adventure. With that in mind, these are just three locations that offer a fantastic variety of vegan options alongside breath-taking travel opportunities.

#1. Vegan in Lisbon, Portugal

At a glance, the traditional cuisine of Portugal might seem prohibitive for a plant-based diet. This coastal country has a significant fishing trade, meaning that seafood comprises many traditional Portuguese menus. But vegetables are also a staple part of the Portuguese diet, and many restaurants will happily cook you up a bespoke and flavoursome option on request.

vegan friendly vacation destinations

Meanwhile, in 2017, Portugal became the first country in the world to make it a legal requirement for food venues to offer vegan options on their menus, guaranteeing that adventuring vegans in the country won’t have to go short anywhere. And as an increasingly popular spot for start-ups, including the food industry, perhaps relocating with Property Lisbon could be the perfect opportunity to launch a vegan food start-up and capitalise on this trend as it takes off.

#2. Vegan in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Steeped in rich history and attracting travellers from all over the world for a variety of reasons, there are many great arguments for visiting Amsterdam. And though cheese is one of the city’s most popular delicacies, vegan travellers need not fear going hungry. With plenty of menus offering a vegan option, you’ll be faced with a range of dining options for every meal of the day.

vegan travel destinations

And with a booming vegan restaurant scene, you’ll also have the chance to support some fantastic local businesses, including the Vegan Junk Food Bar. They have four locations in Amsterdam, plus one in Rotterdam, and as its name suggests, they specialise in plant-based delights such as burgers, loaded fries and decadent desserts.

#3. Vegan in New York, USA

As a cosmopolitan hotspot, it’s no surprise that New York offers vegan travellers a variety of dining options, from street food to restaurant experiences.

best vegan travel destinations

And when it comes to the former, NY Dosas – whose proprietor is known affectionately as ‘the Dosa man’ – is a local favourite. The food cart is located in Washington Square Park and serves 100% vegan meals. And not only is it great for food on the go, but its quality is renowned across the world – and its one of the city’s less expensive haunts too!

Wrap Up: 3 Fabulous Vegan-friendly Travel Locations

Looking for vegan-friendly travel destinations? These three locations are perfect for your next trip abroad.

Where are your favourite vegan eateries around the world? Feel free to share them with us in the comments below!

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