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The Plant-Based Cities in the USA that You Should Travel to

Global cuisine is constantly shifting to allow for new and interesting dishes to be discovered. Similar to this, restaurants also find ways in which they can cater to more people, whether they're intolerant to certain ingredients or have a moral reason to exclude certain foods from their diet. One of these diets that have gained significant popularity over the past decade is the plant-based diet. As you'll likely know, a plant-based diet excludes animal products from their lifestyle and diet for moral or health reasons. This often presents certain hurdles in their lives as they navigate a world that relies on farming animals for clothing, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, and of course, food.

The Plant-Based Cities In The USA That You Should Travel To

In the USA, many places still don't properly cater to plant-based customers, simply offering things like salads and other unimaginative dishes. However, there are many other options that restaurants can offer today, and it simply requires a bit of forethought and consideration. There are a number of cities across the country now that are considered to be fantastic locations for plant-based people due to the number and variety of restaurants that sell exclusively plant-based foods or cater properly to plant-based customers. Here are some of the top plant-based cities in the USA today.

#1. Miami, FL 

This stunning city in the Sunshine State is well known for generally being ahead of the curve on trends, and embracing plant-based diets is one of them. There are many different plant-based restaurants in Miami, with new ones popping up around the city and surrounding areas on a regular basis. Suppose you're interested in Asian cuisine, for example.

In that case, you could try out the fantastic Planta Queen, which serves delicious plant-based maki, sushi, nigiri, bao buns, noodles, and delicious jackfruit wings, to name just a few mouthwatering dishes. As well as Planta Queen, you can also find plant-based bakeries, such as L'Artisane Creative Bakery, the first fully plant-based French bakery in the country. Try some amazing plant-based pastries and other sweet treats here to really hit the spot.

#2. Oakland, CA 

California is another state that is renowned for progressive thoughts and is actually the second "most plant-based state" as of 2021, with Nevada just edging into first place. Oakland in California is one such place that has become a hot bet for plant-based individuals across the state and the nation, with many people vacationing here to enjoy some of the incredible plant-based treats on offer. You'll find everything from plant-based donuts and cashew ice cream parlours to authentic tastes from around the U.S. and the world converted into some mind-blowing plant-based dishes.

#3. Las Vegas, NV 

As we said above, the country's number one state for plant-based friendliness is neighbouring Nevada. In particular, Nevada is home to the famed Sin City itself, Las Vegas. Being well-known for gambling and entertainment, it's often forgotten that the food in Las Vegas is also incredibly good. Las Vegas is the number one city in the country for plant-based food options, so this should definitely be up on your bucket list of places to visit if you're plant-based.

Not to mention the incredibly exciting entertainment scene, of course. However, along the Las Vegas Strip, you'll find restaurants like Crossroad Kitchen, Truth & Tonic, and even Hell's Kitchen. They all claim to have the best plant-based food on the Las Vegas Strip, but there's only one way to find out who is telling the truth!

#4. Washington D.C 

The nation's capital is a wonderful place to visit simply due to its immense status in our country's history. Due to its location, it is a relatively easy place to get to for those living near the east coast, and grabbing a train from NYC to D.C., for example, will allow you to take a relaxing journey to one of the country's greatest places for plant-based food. The city itself is very much a plant-based-friendly place, and you'll be able to try everything from traditional local dishes with a plant-based spin to plant-based cuisine from almost every corner of the Earth. We highly recommend trying out D.C. Vegan, which offers everything from crispy plant-based calamari to their filling and satisfying herbed tofu bowl or the tasty Philly bowl. This delightful dish is filled with braised jackfruit, garlic greens, and other veggies served on a bed of cauliflower rice, and we can't recommend it enough.

#5. Portland, OR 

Oregon is another state that is well known for being a great location for plant-based lovers out there, and the city of Portland is simply marvellous in its own right. Pretty much everywhere you might visit around Rose City will offer some form of plant-based options. And we're not just talking about the skin-on fries or a vegetable patty. From upper-class restaurants and eateries to casual bars and burger trucks, you're likely going to find something to suit you.

Due to this reputation of being a great place for plant-based travellers, the city has really leaned into this mindset, offering considered and properly curated plant-based options, beating that common feeling that plant-based lovers and even vegetarians may have of being an afterthought when it comes to menu creation. There are many exclusively plant-based restaurants in Portland, too. If you want to visit somewhere with a distinct dedication to this lifestyle, be sure to do your research before you visit and book a table to avoid disappointment.

What about you, what are your favourite vegan scenes in the USA? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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