Sunday 20 December 2015

Vegan Stag Party Ideas for Hamburg, Marrakech and Benidorm

Even though the ratio of vegan women to vegan men still tilts towards to former, there have been more and more male vegan athletes and male vegan celebrities over the last two decades, from actors like Woody Harrelson to Scott Jurek ultramarathon runner. Undoubtedly, the documentary Game Changers (with Arnold Scharzenegger's recommendation) has led many men to consider switching to a plant- and fungi-based diet, along with many vegan NHS players and other athletes. Vegan strongman Patrik Baboumian's plant-based activism and YouTube channel has also helped many gym bros go vegan, and of course, there's role models for other types of men, regardless of ethnicity or gender roles, see the Earthling Ed, Choice Bison or the Soytheist!

Vegan Stag Party

So what happens when some of these vegan men decide to get married, perhaps to a woman, perhaps to another vegan man - vegan stag party ensues! This article is about us recommending some places to organise exactly that :)

#1. Hamburg

Is any list of stag do destinations complete without Hamburg? Not really, so let's start there. If you want a really crazy stag do in Hamburg try a Beer Bike - it's eco-friendly and this particular one includes purely vegan beers. If you've never seen a beer bike in the flesh, it involves beer and it involves bikes (surprise)! But basically, the set up looks like a pub bench, where you sit around with your pals drinking beer, the only difference if you're all also cycling. It's a great way to see the city and the beer makes it lots of fun.

The bar street area of Hamburg itself is called Reeperbahn and there's a vegan restaurant right at 7 Reeperbahn called Bidges & Sons Reeperbahn - make sure you go there first to line your stomach (or go there afterward when you have the munchies haha). They serve burgers, chips and other Western foods.

#2. Marrakech

When it comes to being vegan in Marrakech I was pleasantly surprised how relatively easy it was. There are plenty of accidentally vegan Moroccan foods, so even if your friends aren't vegan, they won't be able to complain that the food isn't typical or traditional. Additionally, there are at least three specialised vegan/vegetarian restaurants in central Marrakech. Even if this doesn't sway your less animal-empathetic friends, perhaps the fact that the meat there might make their tummy upset will.

If you're looking for a Marrakech stag dos with an exotic twist Marrakech Stag is a good company for you. They can also cover villa accommodation, clubbing, day activities and limos to make everything that much smoother.

#3. Benidorm

Benidorm offer plenty of choice for a perfect stag trip for affordable price and many direct airline connections. Located on the eastern coast of Spain between Valencia and Murcia it features several theme parks, many water related programs inclusive party boats and a wild nightlife scene. Being the 3rd most popular destination in Spain by number of tourist overnights it has a lot options for vegans. We have good experience with Nepali Tandori restaurant in the area where most stag and hen parties go. If you want to walk some extra steps, then there is also Bendita Lokura 73 near the historical part of Benidorm which serves vegan treats like "Wrap Vegano con Patatas" (vegan wrap with potatoes)!

Wrap Up: Vegan Stag Parties

These were some of our recommendations for vegan stag parties around the world, we hope you found this article useful. We wish you a very merry plant-based party and an even merrier and fun-filled future for you and your partner!

What about you, have you ever organized a vegan stag do? Feel free to share any tips & advice below!

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