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A Short Guide to Editing Vegan Travel Videos for YouTube

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I started making travelogue videos for my YouTube channel (Travelling Weasels) way back before I'd even started this blog. Over there I unknowingly (at the time) documented my journey towards veganism: I made YouTube videos where I saw dog meat in Vietnam and cows being abused in the dairy industry in Slovenia, I filmed myself trying accidentally vegan Hungarian foods in Hungary and vegan sushi in Las Vegas - I even documented the first time I watched Earthlings (and my blubbery reaction to it). Once I went vegan, I considered making a separate YouTube channel for my vegan travelogue videos, but in the end I decided against it. It's a lot of work to run one YouTube channel (let alone two blogs too), so I figured I'd stick with the one YouTube channel I had and make vegan videos on there. One of the reasons running a channel is hard is the editing. Which is where this post comes in:

How to Make a Vegan Travel Vlog for YouTube

Videos have now become much more than just being a tool for marketing. You can use videos to depict any style of life, be it full of work, full of leisure, or just plain travel. It would help if you gave yourself some time to create videos that the viewers will enjoy. However, if you plan on making videos, you need to plan well in advance. You also have to keep some time in hand with you to edit the videos properly. Several trends are growing, and you should try to pick up one trend and capitalise on the same.

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Veganism (and animal rights) is one such trend that you can choose to make videos on as you will drive a lot of viewers with your content. You can travel to a vegan-friendly travel location and then make a video on your entire day there. You can bring several ideas to life by just giving a direction to your thoughts. In the case of vegan travel videos, focusing on the food is worth it as we vegans are always looking for food options while we are on the go :)

Steps to Becoming a Vegan YouTuber

Several steps go into the making of vegan travel vlogs. You must try to stick to these steps to create a breathtaking and engaging vegan travelogue video for your YouTube channel. Some of these steps are listed below for your reference:

#1. Come up with a storyline

A cohesive storyline is essential if you want your audience to stick with you till the very end. It would be best to create a timeline of events and then draft a story around it. A travelogue without a storyline will look like a few random video clips. Therefore, you will have to link each clip or footage with the clip before and after it so that your vegan travelogue gets a direction.

You should plan out your day and then perform the activities accordingly. You must then shoot a part of every activity that you perform. Make sure that you make a bright and colourful video, as vegans are looking forward to a lively video that will motivate them to explore more unique places.

#2. Get the right equipment

Your vegan travelogue will fall flat if you don't have the right equipment to shoot the video. Before you start filming your travelogue, you must try to bring all of your equipment together to get a fair idea of what you have and what you will have to make do with. You must buy a professional camera if your goal is to shoot high-quality videos that you can use in vlogs, etc.

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However, if you don't have a professional camera, there is no need to worry. Smartphones today have great features, and they can even record 4k videos without any hassle. Therefore, you should make sure that you have a great smartphone, if not a professional camera, to record all the videos. Once you have a camera ready, you should set up your microphone. You must try to incorporate a voice-over in your videos, as any travelogue video is the essence. Here's another example of one of our vegan food tasting videos that became successful:

Your smartphone has a microphone, but that will not be powerful enough for a video voice-over. Therefore, it will be great if you decide to invest in a great microphone. Also, while you are shooting your vegan travelogue video, you must ensure that there is good lighting and that every element is getting captured in its purest form. Once you are all set with the right equipment, you should figure out how to edit a video.

#3. Shoot the video

Filming is a very critical part of making a vegan travelogue. Once your equipment is ready, decide on an angle, set a frame, and start shooting your video. Make sure that you shoot the object of attention from all the required angles. For instance, in the case of a vegan travelogue, a lot of focus is given to food.

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Therefore, if you are ordering a vegan dish, you should try to capture the dish from all angles. You can shoot a mix of long and short videos and then combine them later using a video editor. You can also trim the unnecessary parts later when you edit the video. While you shoot the video, make sure there are no distractions in the background, as it might affect the quality of the video. Set up the equipment to record the essence of the video, which can later be edited to make it more attractive.

#4. Edit the video

An excellent vegan travelogue needs to be edited thoroughly. To make the video more lucrative, you will have to make the footage brighter and fuller. For instance, if you are shooting footage of avocado toast, you must make sure that the avocado looks green and fresh. Regular footage fails to emphasise these aspects of the video.

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Here's where editing comes into the picture. You must try to edit different frames and shots to enhance the appeal of the video and then make it more visually appealing. You can adjust the video's brightness, sharpness, etc., using a good video editor. You can also add themes, transitions, and text to your video. When it comes to fully plant-based food, many of the ingredients used in might be somewhat unknown to non-vegan viewers. You must edit the video and add a small text at the bottom of the screen telling people what the dish consists of.

#5. Open up!

The key to great travelogues is you opening up. You must pour your heart out while you create a vegan travelogue. It would help if you tried to be as expressive as you can, as only then will the audiences be able to relate to you and the content you create. Also, when you are taking the seat of a creator, there is no room for shyness.

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You should be bold and upfront in your videos and express whatever you see around you. You will have to master the art of talking to the camera with a broad smile, as a dull video will throw your followers off-guard, and they are never returning to your channel again. You must address the viewers as your real friends and try to be as frank as possible. Once you become camera confident, there is no stopping you.

Wrap Up: A Quick Guide to Editing Vegan Travel Videos For YouTube

Making a vegan travelogue can seem like a daunting task at first, but it gets pretty exciting when you get into its intricacies. You can travel to different vegan-friendly cities and try to make a series of vlogs that you can showcase on your YouTube channel. However, there is no pressure of creating an entire series. You can try uploading a single travelogue and measure the audience's reaction. Based on their comments and reactions, you can try incorporating the necessary changes in your next set of videos. Additionally, using a free video editor can help you achieve professional-level editing without breaking the bank. If you do things well, vegan-friendly companies might seek you out eventually, asking you to make videos about their products, like we did with these vegan shoes from Portugal:

What do you think, have you got any tips & advice for a vegan travel channel on Youtube or editing vegan travel vlogs? If you do, feel free to share below :)

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